Good News Stories About Using Natural Calm For Migraines and Headaches

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Good News Stories About Using Natural Calm For Migraines and Headaches

In 2005, after suffering for 30 years with severe migraines, my sister Debbie discovered Natural Calm. It transformed her life!

Debbie literally went from having 3-4 migraines a week to 1 every 5 weeks after taking Natural Calm daily.  We have had many testimonies over the past 9 years from migraine sufferers who report that they are now free from migraines – entirely as a result of taking Natural Calm.

In 2011, I received a wonderful testimony from June who had been experiencing migraines for 20 years. A friend of hers was using our transdermal magnesium chloride liquid for aching muscles and muscle recovery and he suggested that she try the Natural Calm transdermal magnesium on her temples, face, arms and legs for her migraines. She applied it full strength (June had a migraine at that time), went to bed and within minutes she could feel a change in the pressure of her head, followed quickly by complete relief!

June had been having 7-8 migraines in the past 15 days prior to using the magnesium and was very happy to report that since starting to use the transdermal magnesium she had been migraine free for a month. June applies it twice a day every day.

June wrote, “I wanted to send an email expressing my heartfelt thanks for a product that came recommended to me by a friend….Since using the product I have been migraine free…a miracle in itself. It was important to me that you know just how much freedom you a have allowed back into my life.”

Since that time I have communicated with June to find out how she is doing. She continues to be migraine free and is so thankful to be rid of the debilitating pain that affected her life for so many years.

If you aren’t getting enough magnesium, you may be prone to headaches and migraines because of muscle tension, imbalanced hormones or nervous system issues. Try Natural Calm for a side-effect-free, all natural remedy.

Linda Bolton

Linda is founder and CEO of TOP Nutritionals, best known for Natural Calm Canada and SuperLeaf Moringa. WIth her husband, Dale, she is co-founder of Organics 4 Orphans, the innovative not-for-profit that empowers poor communities to grow their own nutrient-dense food and natural medicine. Linda worked as a registered nurse and CEO in long-term care and taught nursing for 20 years. Since 2014, she has been named by Chatelaine and PROFIT magazine as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada.