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Q&A with Canadian Olympian Penny Oleksiak

Penny Oleksiak is Canada’s most decorated Olympian, winning 7 Olympic Medals. During her Olympic debut at Rio 2016, Penny Oleksiak, just 16 years old, became the first Canadian Athlete to win four medals at a single summer games. She became Canada’s youngest Olympic gold medallist ever, was selected as Team Canada’s Closing Ceremony flag bearer, and won Canada’s Athlete of the Year and the Bobbie Rosenfeld Award as the CP Female Athlete of the Year


From Single Mom to Philanthropist: The Incredible Journey of Linda Bolton

In this must-listen podcast episode, therapist and coach and Reinvention Expert Beverley Glazer interviews Linda, an award-winning entrepreneur, health influencer, and philanthropist who founded Natural Calm Canada and co-founded Boldness Naturals.

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The Benefits of Magnesium, Symptoms You May Not be Getting Enough of it, & Why You Should Consume it Daily with CEO of Natural Calm Canada, Linda Bolton

On this episode we talk about signs and symptoms you may be low or deficient in magnesium and the dangers of not consuming enough of it, as well as the benefits of consuming magnesium. We also discuss how magnesium works in the body, different types of magnesium, and so much more!

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Is Magnesium the Magic Supplement we should all be taking? Natural Calm and Thrive for Good with Linda Bolton

Hey, everyone. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Today I had a really fascinating conversation with Linda Bolton. Linda is behind Natural Calm Magnesium in Canada, and also the mastermind, her and her husband, and the founders of Thrive for Good, bringing food information, agricultural support to third world countries, and they got their startin Africa.

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This Is BC: Vernon couple teach their children about philanthropy

A Vernon couple is teaching their three children by example, when it comes to philanthropy. As Jay Durant reports in This is BC, they are working not for one, but two different charities.


Penny Oleksiak healing from knee surgery, not yet ready to race

Penny Oleksiak feels ahead of schedule on her recovery from knee surgery, but Canada's star swimmer isn't ready to join her teammates racing a World Cup in their home pool in Toronto.


Olympic Gold Medalist Penny Oleksiak to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro to Help Combat Hunger

On September 11th, Canada’s most decorated Olympian, Penny Oleksiak, will embark on a six-day challenge to climb Africa’s tallest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, as part of a campaign to fight the global food crisis.


Penny Oleksiak, Canada's most decorated Olympian, undergoes knee surgery

Decorated swimmer Penny Oleksiak says she has a long recovery process ahead of her after undergoing surgery to repair torn cartilage in her knee.


Oleksiak will focus on nutrition and inspiration during injury rehab

Penny Oleksiak isn't sure what caused the bucket handle meniscus tear she sustained late last month while enjoying some down time in Orlando.


How Linda Bolton Of Natural Calm Canada Is Helping To Address The Growing Challenge Of Food Insecurity

In this interview series, we are talking to leaders who are helping to address the increasing problem of food insecurity who can share the initiatives they are leading to address and solve this problem. As a part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Bolton.


Keep Calm and Feed the World with Linda Bolton

Linda Bolton is the Founder and Co-owner of Natural Calm Canada, Canada’s leading distributor for magnesium-based natural supplements.


Linda and Dale Bolton on Climbing Kilimanjaro and Ending Poverty

Today on the show we invite Linda and Dale Bolton from Bolton’s Naturals to speak about Dale’s recent climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, how it connects to their fight against poverty, and the role their line of supplements played in getting Dale to the top at the age of 68!


Linda Bolton: from RN to entrepreneur, CEO and global nutrition advocate

Linda Bolton’s quick snapshot of her life describes the essence of a powerful and unlikely journey. “I started off as a nurse and became a CEO,” she says.