Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Natural Calm magnesium products here. If you have a question not answered below, please ask via the form at the bottom of the page. Or give us a call! 

General FAQ

We have a selection of samples available for a low cost in our shop.  

Magnesium supplements in liquid form are the best absorbed. Tablets, while convenient, are widely-known to be less effectively absorbed. Your body only uses a fraction of the magnesium in a tablet.

It is  difficult to get the magnesium we need from food alone. Health Canada confirms that most Canadians aren't getting enough magnesium from diet. This is no surprise given that magnesium is only found in significant quantities in seeds, nuts, legumes and leafy greens. Most North Americans don't eat enough of these foods to meet their requirements. For a listing of magnesium in foods see

Ionic means that the molecules have gained or lost an electron and seek to attach to something to balance out the electron count. Research has shown that ionic minerals are more easily absorbed by the body. That's because "the amount of magnesium your tissues can use is based on how soluble the magnesium product is and the amount of elemental or ionic magnesium that is released” (Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Magnesium Miracle, p. 243) Natural Calm magnesium citrate powder becomes ionic when prepared as directed, for fast, effective absorption at the cellular level.


There is no sodium in Natural Calm. Magnesium citrate is called an organic "magnesium salt" in chemistry terms, like sodium chloride (table salt), but the two are very different. "In chemistry, a salt is an ionic compound that can be formed by the neutralization reaction of an acid and a base. Salts are composed of related numbers of cations (positively charged ions) and anions (negative ions) so that the product is electrically neutral (without a net charge)." (Wikipedia)  These component ions can be inorganic, such as chloride, or organic, such as citrate.


Natural Calm magnesium is sourced from deep in the ocean. It is a naturally-derived product, but because it is harvested, not produced, it is never certified organic. The fruit flavours used are 100% organic.

Natural Calm magnesium is extracted from ocean water. The citric acid in both the Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder and the Calm Plus Calcium is sourced from sugar beets. The calcium in Natural Calm Plus Calcium is derived from Limestone, where it is extracted as calcium carbonate. Then gluconic acid is added to it to convert it into calcium gluconate.

There is 0.015 g of stevia per teaspoon of flavoured Natural Calm (no sugar); there are no sweeteners or flavours added to the unflavored version.

Flavoured Natural Calm contains 0.7 calories per teaspoon, and 0.3 grams of carbohydrates. Unflavoured Natural Calm contains zero calories and zero carbs.

The unflavoured version of our Natural Calm does not contain any corn or derivatives of corn. The flavouring used in the other varieties (Raspberry Lemon, Sweet Lemon, Orange, and Cherry) does have a sub-ingredient that is derived from corn (organic maltodextrin); however, there are no corn proteins in the product and all flavours of Natural Calm have been verified as non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. (Calmful Sleep is also Non-GMO, but certification status is pending for Calmful Sleep in 2017; the process takes time.)

The citric acid is derived from verified non-GMO sugar beets sourced from Belgium.

The final product when consumed is magnesium citrate. It is created with a proprietary blend of magnesium carbonate and citric acid. Once added to water, a chemical reaction binds the two together and creates ionic magnesium citrate. As per Health Canada regulation we must list the ingredients in their elemental state.


The recommended magnesium intake for adults is given by Eat Right Ontario as between 310 and 400 mg per day. Other experts recommend a higher intake daily. For example, Dr. Carolyn Dean suggests that adults consume 3 - 4 mg of magnesium per pound of body weight and that pregnant women and children consume 4 - 5 mg of magnesium per pound of body weight.   Daily needs will vary based on lifestyle, health, and stage of life.

One teaspoon of Natural Calm magnesium citrate delivers 205 milligrams of magnesium: about half of what men need every day, and about 2/3 of a woman's required daily intake. Age, life stage, body size, gender, lifestyle, diet and health all affect how much magnesium you should take as a supplement. Pay attention to your symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Constipation and poor sleep, in particular, are two major signs that you need more magnesium.


Some customers have asked us how to best scoop the powder out of the container. We find that the best method is to tip the container slightly and use a teaspoon. 

The reason a long, narrow container is used (instead of a wide, flat container) is that retailers require bottles that are tall, rather than wide, to make better use of shelf space.

For Natural Calm's magnesium citrate to become ionic and best absorbed, it needs to be fully dissolved in hot, preferably boiled, water. ( It can then be added to cold water or any other beverage if preferred. )

You may take Natural Calm’s magnesium with or without food depending on your stomach. It is well absorbed with food. Most people like to take Natural Calm on an empty stomach, and the vast majority of consumers prefer to take Natural Calm in the evening, about 30 minutes before bedtime. 

Magnesium is excreted daily, so ideally you should take Natural Calm morning and night. The very best method is to add Natural Calm to a large water bottle and sip slowly from morning until night. During the day, magnesium can help you to feel a steady, calm energy to meet the challenges of work and play. In the evening, magnesium helps activate melatonin, so you can get a deep and restful sleep when you need it.

Natural Calm is sold by weight (grams or ounces), not volume. When the container is initially filled, the powder has a higher volume because of the distribution of air. Natural settling occurs, during which the air rises to the top and the powder becomes denser. 

Yes. Many customers do prepare Natural Calm in advance, add it to a large bottle or jug of water, and drink it throughout the day. We recommend that you refrigerate any prepared Natural Calm that is unused after one day.

There are two equally effective ways of preparing Natural Calm: hot or cold. Using hot water is the faster method.


The Hot Water Method: When you prepare Natural Calm with hot water, the magnesium powder quickly converts to 'ionic' magnesium citrate. This is one of the most absorbable forms of magnesium. Many customers add cold water or juice after the fizzing has settled and the hot solution is clear. When the mixture is flat and clear, it is ready to consume.  


The Cold Method: When you prepare Natural Calm with cold or tepid liquid (water or juice), it takes longer to convert into 'ionic' magnesium citrate. We recommend that you wait approximately 15 minutes before consuming cold-prepared Natural Calm. After the elapsed time, it will be just as effective as if you had used hot water.


Natural Calm Kids is the same award-winning formula as our Natural Calm formulated for adults. The ingredients and concentration of magnesium are the same, however, the Natural Calm Kids bottle includes a chart for dosage by age, on the label. This dosage table makes Natural Calm Kids more convenient for families with children.

  • Caution should be taken when considering any supplement for infants or children with a medical condition. Always consult your health care practitioner. From toddlerhood to teenage years, kids can benefit significantly from Natural Calm. Often their diets are low in magnesium, and even children experience symptoms of magnesium deficiency, including constipation, poor sleep, mood disturbances, fatigue, anxiety, and more. Natural Calm Kids Calm is identical to our adult formula but provides dosing for ages 1 - 18 on the label. Kids will love the natural Raspberry-Lemon flavour, parents will love that it contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, fake flavours or dyes.



It is important to understand the presence of arsenic in natural products. Natural Calm magnesium comes from deep in the ocean and like any substance from the earth or water, contains trace amounts of inorganic arsenic. Arsenic is an element found in nature and in man-made products, including some pesticides. As a result, we ingest arsenic every day. All water - including treated municipal water - contains arsenic. Soils also contain arsenic and common plant foods are a source. Two tsp of Natural Calm has less than 1 microgram of inorganic arsenic. In comparison, a serving of long grain brown rice from Whole Foods has about 10 x that amount. (See Most Canadians’ “daily intake of inorganic arsenic from food would be 10.5 µg (micrograms). This contrasts with an intake of <7.5 µg (micrograms) of principally the pentavalent inorganic arsenic species in drinking water.” (From From food and water combined, you are likely getting about 20x the amount of arsenic you would ingest from a normal daily dose of Natural Calm (which is 1-2 tsp.)

Natural Calm does not use common allergen ingredients, however, it is prepared in a facility that processes soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, fish, shellfish, and wheat.  The facility is operated by Nutranext, a major US supplement company with a strong commitment to safety and quality. While the equipment is sanitized after processing allergen ingredients, individuals with allergies should be aware that Natural Calm is not currently certified allergy-free.

Natural Calm is subjected to extensive purity and safety testing to pass Health Canada standards for purity. We retain the certificates of analysis proving that Natural Calm is deemed safe and surpasses purity requirements. In the US, the HealthyLiving Foundation independently purchased and tested all Natural Calm ionic magnesium citrate formulas for chemical toxins including inorganic arsenic, cadmium and lead. Natural Calm received the Tested & Approved Seal from Healthy Living Magazine. This seal assures retailers and shoppers that awarded products are free from harmful amounts of chemical toxins including inorganic arsenic, cadmium and lead, meeting the stringent standards of California’s Prop. 65.

We do not advise consuming or selling the product beyond its expiration date. Magnesium is a mineral and does not degrade, but the natural fruit flavours in the flavoured versions of Natural Calm have the potential to spoil in the long-term.


  • People who have kidney disease, a low heart rate (i.e. less than 50), Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, myasthenia gravis or anyone on blood thinners should consult their doctor before taking Natural Calm.



A medically-trained professional may advise you to avoid magnesium while taking certain prescription medications, including blood thinners. If you are taking any prescription medication, please defer to medical advice.

Magnesium will interfere with the efficacy of iron supplements and antibiotics. Discontinue magnesium while on a course of antibiotics. If you take both iron and magnesium daily, take these supplements at different times of the day.

Yes, healthy pregnant and breastfeeding women can safely take Natural Calm magnesium. In fact, magnesium needs will increase during gestation and lactation. Enough magnesium during pregnancy may help with DNA formation and is thought to play a role in preventing complications such as pre-eclampsia. Taking Natural Calm during breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and baby.

If you take too much magnesium, as with vitamin C, the body will use what it needs and eliminate any excess. The excess will go into the colon, causing it to hydrate, where the only effect is stools that are “loose.”  Millions of people around the world use magnesium simply because of the natural, laxative properties. This would be the only side effect, and any "overdose" is safely depleted through the kidneys. In fact, magnesium is excreted daily, requiring continual replenishment. Take caution if you have kidney problems.  Because excess magnesium is detoxified through your kidneys into your colon, a weak kidney may not work well enough to properly excrete the magnesium.  People on kidney dialysis or who have severe kidney disease should consult their physician before taking any magnesium in supplement form. Anyone with IBS or loose stools should divide their Natural Calm magnesium into smaller, more frequent doses throughout the day.

Side Effects

Natural Calm can be used as a gentle, natural laxative. However, the laxative effect is not specific to magnesium citrate and is unrelated to the ionic status of Natural Calm. Dr. Carolyn Dean explains that “...loose stools…(are) a mechanism to release excess magnesium...Even non-laxative picometer magnesium will cause the laxative effect when you reach saturation and take more than you require.” (The Magnesium Miracle, p. 240) Whether you experience a laxative effect from magnesium depends on how much you take in a single dose. Dr. Dean explains, “If you develop loose stools while taking may mean you are taking too much at one time. Never take your daily magnesium all at once; four times a day is best if you’ve been experiencing diarrhea.” (The Magnesium Miracle, p. 247) Some users may welcome the gentle laxative effect. After all, up to 27% of the Canadian population suffer from chronic constipation. This does not include the population with intermittent constipation due to travel, variations in diet, medication, periodic inactivity, etc. Many users find that Natural Calm soothes the gastrointestinal system quickly and effectively. Magnesium works to regulate healthy nerve function, including the nerves of the digestive system. If a recommended dose on the bottle label is causing loose stools or diarrhea, simply cut down the dose or break it up into two or more doses through the day.

Too much magnesium taken orally at one time can cause loose stools. Don't be alarmed! Magnesium is safely excreted by healthy kidneys and loose stools are part of the elimination process.

If you are uncomfortable, simply decrease the amount of Natural Calm magnesium citrate you take at one time. For example, take smaller amounts throughout the day.

Healthy, regular bowel movements are one indicator that you are getting the right amount of magnesium.

Calmful Sleep

Calmful Sleep is a blend of natural sleep-promoting ingredients, one of which is magnesium. 2 tsp of Calmful Sleep contains about 220 mg of magnesium, which is an adequate supplement for many adults. Calmful Sleep alone may not be an adequate supply of magnesium if:
  1. You are taking less than 2 tsp of Calmful Sleep per day, as many people do. For example, often only 1/2 tsp of Calmful Sleep is needed to resolve insomnia, and that dose contains only about 55 mg of magnesium.
  2. Your magnesium supplement needs are higher than what you get from Calmful Sleep, even at the full 2 tsp dose. Some people just need more than 220 mg of magnesium daily.
You may recognize that you need more magnesium if you have tension, pain, anxiety or constipation - even if you're sleeping well with Calmful Sleep. The natural sleep ingredients in Calmful Sleep can address insomnia at a low dose, but you still need to get enough magnesium. Keep your magnesium levels high by continuing to take Natural Calm magnesium while you use Calmful Sleep, if needed. Either mix Natural Calm magnesium with Calmful Sleep at night or take Calmful Sleep alone at night and take Natural Calm magnesium in the morning or afternoon.

Most individual users will find the bottle lasts between 1 and 4 months. If you take a full dose of 2 tsp nightly, the bottle of Calmful Sleep will last at least 20 days. Most users will find their sleep is dramatically improved at a much smaller dose. 1/2 tsp per night is a good starting point and may never need to be increased, in which case the bottle would last almost 4 months.

As with other powdered products, settling occurs. When the powder is bottled, it is extremely fluffy from the production process. There is so much air mixed in with the Calmful Sleep, that the powder must be pressed down manually in order to seal the cap. Over time, the product settles and the volume decreases, but the total amount of product (113 grams) does not change.

Calmful Sleep contains the hormone, melatonin, and Health Canada recommends melatonin for temporary relief from sleep disturbances. Some research indicates that longer-term use may be appropriate. Consult a medical professional to ascertain the risks and benefits specific to your health.

The dose on the label, approved by Health Canada, is 2 tsp or 4 grams. However, users have experienced the sleep-enhancing benefits at lower doses. We recommend starting with 1/2 to 1 tsp and increasing to 2 tsp as required.

Calmful Sleep is flavoured with organic blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, sweetened with organic stevia. The slight tart flavour comes from citric acid, which is an essential part of the Natural Calm magnesium formula. Flavoured Natural Calm contains 0.7 calories per teaspoon, and 0.3 grams of carbohydrates.

  • Calmful Sleep is formulated to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and help you stay asleep longer. Drowsiness is a natural side-effect. Some users experience vivid dreams after taking Calm Sleep. This is due to L-theanine’s effect on alertness and should subside after a few nights' use.

Calmful Sleep is specifically formulated for nighttime sleep support. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps ease the body into restful sleep and increase total sleep time. While melatonin is spontaneously secreted by the brain, some people produce too little, whether because of jet lag, exposure to light or age-related deficiency.


  1. You are taking less than 2 tsp of Calmful Sleep per day, as many people do. For example, often only 1/2 tsp of Calmful Sleep is needed to resolve insomnia, and that dose contains only about 55 mg of magnesium.
  2. Your magnesium supplement needs are higher than what you get from Calmful Sleep, even at the full 2 tsp dose. Some people just need more than 220 mg of magnesium daily.

You may recognize that you need more magnesium if you have tension, pain, anxiety or constipation - even if you're sleeping well with Calmful Sleep. The natural sleep ingredients in Calmful Sleep can address insomnia at a low dose, but you still need to get enough magnesium. Keep your magnesium levels high by continuing to take Natural Calm magnesium while you use Calmful Sleep, if needed. Either mix Natural Calm magnesium with Calmful Sleep at night or take Calmful Sleep alone at night and take Natural Calm magnesium in the morning or afternoon.

Calmful Sleep is a relaxing nighttime drink formulated for extra sleep support. We've added Suntheanine®, the patented premium form of the amino acid, L-theanine, to promote relaxation and reduce nervous tension.

GABA, or Gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a non-protein amino acid that calms the nervous system, promoting relaxation and downgrading anxiety. GABA may also improve mood, help with PMS symptoms, treat ADHD, reduce blood pressure, and play a role in synthesizing melatonin, the sleep hormone. GABA naturally occurs in the brain, and we've used a synthetic form in Calmful Sleep.

Do not take Calmful Sleep before operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. Calmful Sleep includes melatonin, which may cause drowsiness. Melatonin supplements can interact with various medications, including blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants), medications that suppress the immune system (immunosuppressants), diabetes medications and birth control pills. Consult a physician if you are currently taking medications and wish to use Calmful Sleep. Mild gastrointestinal symptoms and rare allergic reactions have been known to occur, in which case, discontinue use.

Research suggests that magnesium citrate is the more absorbable magnesium, but magnesium glycinate is less likely to cause a laxative effect in users with sensitive bowels. By combining the two in Calmful Sleep, our formula delivers a high dose of magnesium that can be taken by anyone. The amino acid, glycine, may in itself have a calming effect on the brain, another good reason for including this form of magnesium in Calmful Sleep. Magnesium glycinate is a chelate formed from magnesium with the amino acid, glycine. Glycine may have a calming effect on the brain, another good reason for including magnesium glycinate in Calmful Sleep.

Natural Calm's Calmful Sleep product with melatonin, GABA and L-theanine is formulated for adults only. Parents, consult a health care professional before considering this product for your children. Melatonin is a natural hormone and caution should be taken when administering hormones to children. Consult a physician if you’re pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are currently on medication.

Calmful Sleep is specifically formulated to be taken in the evening, 30 - 60 minutes before bed. Use during the day may cause drowsiness.

Calm Balance

Yes, you can combine Calm Balance with any other Natural Calm products throughout the day. If you take Calm Balance at the start of your day to support a more productive, balanced mood, you may wish to add Natural Calm magnesium citrate (our classic product) in the evening or use Calmful Sleep if you need extra sleep support. Decide how much magnesium you need to supplement your diet and determine your total daily intake of Natural Calm products. You'll know you are supplementing magnesium properly when you sleep better, feel more relaxed and calmly energized during the day and have regular bowels.

  1. You are taking less than 2 tsp of Calmful Sleep per day, as many people do. For example, often only 1/2 tsp of Calmful Sleep is needed to resolve insomnia, and that dose contains only about 55 mg of magnesium.
  2. Your magnesium supplement needs are higher than what you get from Calmful Sleep, even at the full 2 tsp dose. Some people just need more than 220 mg of magnesium daily.

You may recognize that you need more magnesium if you have tension, pain, anxiety or constipation - even if you're sleeping well with Calmful Sleep. The natural sleep ingredients in Calmful Sleep can address insomnia at a low dose, but you still need to get enough magnesium. Keep your magnesium levels high by continuing to take Natural Calm magnesium while you use Calmful Sleep, if needed. Either mix Natural Calm magnesium with Calmful Sleep at night or take Calmful Sleep alone at night and take Natural Calm magnesium in the morning or afternoon.

Calm Balance can be taken with or without food. We recommend using Calm Balance in the earlier part of the day, before school or work. If you use Calm Balance during the day but also need help relaxing and sleeping at night, try taking regular Natural Calm magnesium citrate and/or Calmful Sleep before bed. Simply adjust your dose of each product to suit your total daily magnesium requirements.

Calm Balance is licensed in Canada for adults but formulated and sold in the US for children. We have provided general Calm Balance dosing suggestions, however, parents should consult their healthcare provider if they are unsure whether this supplement is appropriate for their child. If you have a medical condition or are on prescribed medication, please consult your healthcare provider before taking any new supplement.

Calm Balance is formulated to promote a relaxed, calm, focused state. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and regulates the nervous system. Suntheanine, a premium patented form of the amino-acid, l-theanine, is mentally calming. Choline supports brain development. B12 is essential for energy and B6 enhances mood. D3 supports mood, cognition, healthy skin, bones and teeth and vitamin C is a potent antioxidant for cellular defence and repair.

Natural Calm Gummies

You can enjoy Natural Calm Gummies at any time of day or evening, with or without food. Magnesium is not a sedative but it does help activate sleep hormones at night, under conditions of darkness. When taken during the day, magnesium supports normal energy production without causing stimulation.

No, Natural Calm Gummies are gluten-free and free from soy.

Yes. There is no gelatin, dairy, eggs or other animal products in the gummies.

There are no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours in the Gummies. We use citric acid for stability, black carrot for colour and organic, natural fruit flavours.

Natural Calm Gummies contain organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup. There is less than 1 gram of sugar per gummy.

Young children are at a greater risk of choking and the dose of magnesium in a single gummy (83 mg) may be too high for young children. The Natural Calm Gummies bottle comes with a special safety seal to prevent children from taking the product unsupervised.

Natural Calm Gummies are made from magnesium citrate, clinically proven more absorbable in a recent study of comparative magnesium absorption.

Magnesium is the only medicinal ingredient in Natural Calm Gummies.

While you can certainly take more than one type of magnesium, it's important to regulate your overall dose. Determine the right total amount of magnesium for you, daily. Then, divide that dose into servings and ideally, space your servings throughout the day. For example, an adult may wish to take one or two Natural Calm Gummies throughout the day and have a hot cup of Natural Calm magnesium citrate in the evening. You will know you are taking the right amount of magnesium when your bowels are comfortably loose and you experience fewer (or no) symptoms of magnesium deficiency, such as stress, pain, tension and insomnia.

Natural Calm Gummies are for anyone who needs more magnesium in a convenient, chewable format. Gummies are great for kids and for adults on-the-go.

Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin FAQ

Experts indicate that short-term use (i.e., 3 months or less) of melatonin at the recommended dose does not raise concern of harm for healthy adults. Consult a healthcare professional if you are considering long term use, a higher or more frequent dose.

Some users may experience vivid dreams, headache, stomach discomfort, daytime sleepiness, grogginess or a low mood.

Melatonin may not be safe for anyone under the age of 18; women who are pregnant or lactating; anyone under medical supervision, with an existing condition or using prescription drugs of any kind.

Magnesium Chloride FAQs

The magnesium chloride used in our Magnesium Chloride  line of products tests clean for heavy metals, contaminants and toxins. However, it is licensed and recommended only for external use.

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MCH) is chemically/laboratory produced. Our Magnesium Chloride topical magnesium products are 'wildcrafted'. That means, they're taken directly from salt evaporation ponds. Hexaydrate means "without water" and when MCH topical brands make magnesium spray, cream or "oil", they rehydrate these lab-produced magnesium flakes. MCH only includes magnesium chloride without the 90 naturally-occurring trace minerals found in our wildcrafted magnesium chloride from seawater. We believe that many of these trace minerals are also transdermal and beneficial to our health.

Whenever a new batch of Magnesium Chloride is released, it is lab tested to validate that there are no contaminants. It is tested for petrochemicals, pathogens, agricultural runoff and heavy metals that might be harmful. It tests clean or we don't use it.

Our Magnesium Chloride is derived from salt evaporation ponds along the coast of Southern California. Depending on prevailing temperatures and inches of rain, the ocean water captured in the ponds will sit for 3 to 6 months until sufficient water has evaporated to cause the salt to drop out of suspension. The water that remains on top of the salt is naturally high in magnesium chloride as well as approximately 80 other trace minerals.  

Some people use our Magnesium Chloride liquid as a toner, to tighten and smooth skin before applying other products in the morning or at night. Others use Magnesium Chloride Balm as a facial moisturizer. Allow the magnesium 20-minutes or so to absorb into the skin before applying any other product.

Your skin should absorb the magnesium transdermally in approximately 20 minutes. If you're using the Magnesium Chloride liquid, spray or gel, you may wish to rinse it off. The Magnesium Chloride Balm is very emollient, like a rich cream, and is meant to be left on until your next shower or bath.


Transdermal magnesium supplementation is ideal for children. It's a wonderful solution for babies, toddlers and children of all ages who need magnesium , but often don’t get enough in their diets. Most children have sensitive skin, so you’ll want to start with a very dilute solution. Our Magnesium Spray is ideal for kids because it's prediluted and sprays on in a thin layer. You can also try our half-strength Magnesium Gel, but because it goes on in a thicker layer, use sparingly. Magnesium Chloride Liquid is full strength. For children you can add a capful to a bath or mix the liquid with a natural oil and rub it into the skin.


The Magnesium Chloride line of products contain magnesium chloride sourced from ocean water and can feel similar to seawater on the skin. If you have sensitive, irritated, or broken skin, you may notice slight tingling, depending on which product you use. Our full-strength product is Magnesium Chloride Liquid. You may wish to dilute it 1:1 with water or a skin-friendly oil. Magnesium Chloride Spray, Balm and Gel are diluted to 50% strength and are suitable for most skin types. Magnesium Chloride Balm is especially ideal for sensitive skin because it is a rich, oil-based cream. If you experience irritation using our transdermal magnesium chloride products, discontinue use.

Your skin effectively regulates the amount of magnesium absorbed. There is no risk of taking in too much magnesium transdermally. The only consideration is personal comfort.

Think of our transdermal magnesium as you would seawater. If your skin is broken or irritated, you may experience discomfort. Use caution on damaged or inflamed the skin. Although magnesium chloride liquid is healing (much like seawater) it is advisable to start with a conservative application, and if necessary, further dilute the product to comfort.

Using both topical and oral magnesium as part of a daily regime is a great way to treat and prevent magnesium deficiency. Some people find they get the best relief from their symptoms when they double-up on magnesium. There is further no reason to avoid using both. Your body regulates the amount of magnesium it absorbs through the skin, so there’s no risk of applying too much topically. If you are sensitive to the gentle laxative effect of Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder, simply use less of the powder and more of the topical magnesium.

No. Magnesium absorbed transdermally (through the skin) pybasses the digestive tract, targetting cells directly. You should not experience a laxative effect.


Magnesium chloride has an oil-like texture; it feels silky. However, magnesium chloride itself is not an oil and is non-staining. Only our Magnesium Chloride Balm combines magnesium chloride with oils. Magnesium Chloride liquid, spray and gel are oil-free.

The MagTherapy line of products deliver magnesium chloride through the skin. MagTherapy Liquid is a concentrated form of pure magnesium chloride. Most users will wish to dilute the full-strength liquid prior to use. Magnesium Chloride Balm combines magnesium chloride with coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. It's rich, moisturizing and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Magnesium Chloride Spray is a diluted version of the full-strength liquid, and it comes in a convenient spray bottle. It's also suitable for sensitive skin. Magnesium Chloride Gel is ideal for massaging into tense, painful and spasming muscles. Like the balm and spray, it is also a diluted form of magnesium chloride.

Many people report a feeling of relaxation when they use our topical magnesium products. However, there is no reason to believe you will feel sleepy. Magnesium is essential for both energy production and proper sleep.

Topical magnesium can be applied at any time of day. Use it when you have muscle tension, aches or pains. When applied in the evening, our topical magnesium can help to prevent restless legs and other muscle-related sleep disturbances.

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