Sweeten The Deal: Serving Up Natural Calm To Sweet Lovers (I.e. Kids)

Serving Up Natural Calm to Kids

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For most adults, the Natural Calm fruit flavours are plenty sweet enough. Sure, there’s a hint of tart, just like in real fruit, but most of us don’t want cloyingly sweet.

There are exceptions. We’re not pointing any fingers, but usually, the customers who cry out for more sweetness are children.

In this post, I’ll explain why kids might need you to sweeten the deal, and how you can hack your Natural Calm to satisfy their taste buds without adding sugar.

Why Kids Want Sweet

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According to an article in The Guardian, little people are hard-wired to prefer sweet foods for survival. The very first taste most of us encounter – breast milk – is the original sugar-fix. It’s super-sweet, and for good reason: growing people need calories, and sweetness is generally an indicator of dense, dense calories.

Also, their palates are more sensitive than ours. They literally have more taste buds – many more. What seems slightly tart to us may be overpoweringly sour to a very young child.

How to Sweeten Natural Calm Healthfully

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Straight off, let’s be clear on what you shouldn’t do.

Please don’t add refined sugar or artificial sweetener to your Natural Calm. Refined sugar actually depletes the body of magnesium – it undermines the very benefits of taking Natural Calm.

As for aspartame and other chemical-based sweeteners, they just aren’t proven safe. Avoid, avoid.

If you need to both cool and sweeten your Natural Calm, try adding a bit of pure, unsweetened juice. This makes sense if you’ve dissolved your Natural Calm in very hot water but want to serve it to kids right away. (Why bother with hot water at all? Hot water makes the magnesium ionic more quickly.)

If your cup of Natural Calm is the right temperature, but needs a touch of sweet, try honey or pure maple syrup.

Some parents are concerned with adding either in the evening, before bed. Intuitively, you’d think a hit of sweet would boost their energy, but it seems these natural sweeteners actually promote sleep.

What about adding stevia or another herbal, calorie-free sweetener?

Natural Calm is already sweetened with stevia together with organic fruit flavours. You could try adding more liquid or powdered stevia (or the herbal sweetener of your choice), but remember that more is definitely not always better. Adding too much can result in an overpoweringly sweet taste, and the ‘not quite sugar’ flavour might trigger kids’ aversion.

You can also add Natural Calm to sweet smoothies. Frozen overripe banana makes a great sweet base!

Try these tips and tell us what you think. Or share your own favourite ways of serving up Natural Calm. Talk to us in the comments section here, or on Facebook.


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