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Sleep Hacks: Tips For A Better Night’s Rest

Sleep apnea hacks: tips and tricks for a better night's rest

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If you never feel rested, you’ve no doubt taken a good, hard look at your bedtime routine. You set a bedtime, wind down, avoid stimulants. You take your Natural Calm to get the magnesium your muscles and nerves need to relax.

These practices can transform the quality of your sleep – without doubt.

But what if you still have rough nights? What might be going on? Here are a few of the more obscure tips to getting a better night’s sleep:

  • Find out if your snoring is really sleep apnea, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). People who snore sometimes have an undiagnosed case of OSA. They sleep, but they never get fully rested because of the disturbance in airflow.
  • Switch up your lightbulbs. If you’re using LED lightbulbs, know that they mimic daylight. In your bedroom, living room, or wherever you relax before bed, use a regular halogen or incandescent source of light – and keep it low.
  • Deal with dust. Our pillows, mattresses and bedding can be laden with dust, trapped in foam, stuffing and feather filling. Dust allergies are common, and just as with sleep apnea, when breathing is disturbed by a nighttime allergy, you’ll never feel fully rested.
  • Go retro with your alarm clock. If you’re still clinging to an illuminated alarm-clock, trade it in for an old-fashioned wind-up clock – without glowing numbers. The light from a typical alarm clock (often just inches from your face) can send ‘rise and shine’ signals to your brain.
  • Ditch the nightcap. There’s growing awareness that alcohol interferes with proper rest, but many still believe a glass of wine in the evening is just what they need to relax. It’s simply not true! Alcohol may induce drowsiness, but it completely changes your sleep cycle, increasing the chances you’ll wake exhausted.

We’d love to hear how Natural Calm is changing the way you sleep! From years at trade shows and natural health events, we’ve heard from hundreds – if not thousands – of happy customers who have found relief from insomnia and restless leg syndrome. We’d be thrilled to hear from you online, too. Drop us a note on our Facebook page, or in the comments here on our website.

Wishing you the best sleep of your life, until next time!

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