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Beat Vacation Sleep Sabotage

Beat Vacation Sleep Sabotage

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When we travel, no matter how relaxing, there are bound to be sleep disruptors. Jetlag, in some cases, but more common are issues with light, noise, and unfamiliar beds.

Luckily, Natural Calm comes in travel packs, which along with an eye mask and earplugs are an indispensable part of a healthy travel kit.

If you don’t already know, a sounder sleep is one of the top benefits of using Natural Calm. That’s because magnesium helps relax the nervous system and muscles, and it activates sleep hormones.

Natural Calm magnesium is a proprietary formula that works fast and works effectively, so even if you’ve tried a magnesium supplement before and not experienced an improvement in sleep, chances are you will when you try Natural Calm.

Why Supplement?

Most of us don’t get enough magnesium in our diets. Magnesium is only found in significant quantities in leafy greens, seeds, nuts and legumes – and there are plenty of ways we deplete our magnesium. Sweating, caffeine, alcohol, stress, meat, dairy and sugar all burn through what magnesium we do ingest.

Travel throws a wrench in our diets. Often, we eat fewer magnesium-rich foods; we lay out in the hot sun, sweating; we get stressed out about flights and car rentals; we have too many protein and sugar-rich meals, and more alcohol than usual.

Our Portable Sleep Solution

Luckily, just one serving of Natural Calm delivers over 50% of the RDA for magnesium. And it is very easy to travel with Natural Calm single-serving packs. All you need is water. Doable even on a flight!

Right now we’ve taken down our regularly priced $5 box of 5 single-serving packs of Natural Calm while we offer a limited-time free sample box. All you have to do is send us your information, here.*

Vacation is a time to rejuvenate on every level, and sleep is an essential part. You may not be able to control the light, the noise, or the quality of your mattress, but you can get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer with Natural Calm.

*Limit one per customer.

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