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Ever Wonder How Many Calories In Natural Calm?

Calories in a Cup of Natural Calm

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This week we had a question through our Facebook page asking how many calories are in a serving of Natural Calm Organic Raspberry-Lemon flavour. It turns out, this is an excellent question.

We tout the great, natural flavours, and the fact that Natural Calm is sweetened with stevia, but we don’t often talk about calories.

For a lot of people, it makes sense to pay attention to the calories in what they drink. Even if you don’t count the calories in your healthy foods, you might steer clear of high-calorie beverages, which are invariably either high in processed sugars, or high on the glycemic index, like fruit juices. It’s also a lot easier to overdo calories when you start adding high-cal beverages; they just don’t sate your appetite like an equivalent serving of solid food.

Stevia is a naturally sweet plant from South America. For centuries, stevia has been used indigenously to sweeten foods and as a natural medicine. This humble leaf has exploded on the health food scene in recent years, and is even making inroads into mainstream groceries: you’ll find diet pop now, sweetened with stevia.

The discovery of stevia is a massive boon for us in North America. Cutting back on sugar should be a priority for nearly everyone, but the alternatives to white table sugar are either high in calories (honey, plant syrups) or dangerous (artificial sweeteners). Stevia is uniquely safe and calorie-free.

Now, what about the other ingredients in Natural Calm? If you choose one of our organic flavours (rather than the unflavoured product), you may assume that the great taste indicates loads of calories. Not so. The organic fruit flavours add zero calories.

The same is true of the magnesium citrate, derived from ‘mineral salts’ found deep in the ocean. Much like table salt, magnesium salts add zero calories.

(And no, magnesium salts do not cause bloating, like sodium.)

How does this all add up? We’re pleased to share that Natural Calm is a zero-calorie pleasure. Zero carbs, zero calories.

But the weight-management benefits don’t stop there. As a highly-bioavailable form of magnesium, Natural Calm helps your body to manage weight, naturally. You can learn more about the vital role of magnesium in managing metabolism, appetite, fat storage and more here.

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