Natural Calm Magnesium Plus Calcium

The better magnesium, with added nutrients for bone health.

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100% Organic Fruit Flavour

Natural Calm Magnesium Plus Calcium

  • Reduces symptoms of stress 
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves pain
  • Promotes heart health
  • Restores mineral balance
  • Builds strong bones


Natural Calm is the better-tasting, better-absorbing, best-loved magnesium drink. The proprietary magnesium citrate formula is fast-acting, to relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce pain, promote heart health and more. Backed by thousands of five-star reviews and testimonials, Natural Calm has been enjoyed and trusted for 38 years.

Natural Calm Magnesium Plus Calcium is one of the only supplements formulated with an optimal balance of magnesium and calcium, plus other select bone building nutrients.

If you already supplement calcium or incorporate calcium-rich foods in your diet, try our original Natural Calm Magnesium. Too much calcium can cause symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Most people don't get enough magnesium, and some also need more calcium.

Directions for Use: Pour about ½ cup of very hot water into a cup or glass.  Add Natural Calm powder, let fizz, stir, and enjoy.

Hot water speeds up the process whereby Natural Calm converts from a powder to a highly absorbable, ionic magnesium drink.

Optionally, you may add Natural Calm to cool or cold water, or even to juice. Simply stir in and wait about 15 minutes, or until the mixture is completely clear – a sign that the magnesium is fully dissolved.

Available in: Plain (Original) and Raspberry-Lemon flavour, and in 8oz (226g) and 16oz (454g) sizes.

Ingredients:  magnesium citrate, magnesium ascorbate, calcium gluconate, potassium citrate, ascorbic acid, vitamin D3 (from lanolin), boron citrate.

Non-medicinal ingredients:  citric acid.  Flavours contain organic stevia.

Recommended Dose:  Mix 2 teaspoons in a glass of very hot water

Nutrient Value, per 2 teaspoons:  magnesium 300mg, vitamin C 250mg, calcium 200mg, potassium 99mg, boron 250mcg, vitamin D3 100 IU’s

Known Adverse Reactions: Some people experience a laxative effect, which is a natural side-effect of taking too much magnesium at any one time. If this should occur, simply reduce the amount of product you take at one time and increase the frequency, for example by taking Natural Calm twice daily. Note that comfortably loose stools are an indication that you are taking the right amount.

Health Canada Natural Product Licence Number:  80014800


    Single-serving sachets are available for a low, flat fee to cover shipping and handling. Please visit the online shop to place your order.
    Magnesium supplements in liquid form are the best absorbed. Tablets, while convenient, are widely-known to be less effectively absorbed. Your body only uses a fraction of the magnesium in a tablet.
    It is  difficult to get the magnesium we need from food alone. Health Canada confirms that most Canadians aren't getting enough magnesium from diet. This is no surprise given that magnesium is only found in significant quantities in seeds, nuts, legumes and leafy greens. Most North Americans don't eat enough of these foods to meet their requirements. For a listing of magnesium in foods see
    Ionic means that the molecules have gained or lost an electron and seek to attach to something to balance out the electron count. Research has shown that ionic minerals are more easily absorbed by the body. That's because "the amount of magnesium your tissues can use is based on how soluble the magnesium product is and the amount of elemental or ionic magnesium that is released” (Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Magnesium Miracle, p. 243) Natural Calm magnesium citrate powder becomes ionic when prepared as directed, for fast, effective absorption at the cellular level.

5 reviews for Natural Calm Magnesium Plus Calcium

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Courtney Bowes

    Is there a vegan version? Since the vitamin d in some of the powders are not vegan.

    • Anna O’Byrne

      Hi Courtney. Thanks for your question.

      We have requested that Natural Vitality (the US makers of Natural Calm) look at a vegan version of the vitamin D in this formula. We’re not there yet, but we hope the future Calm Plus Calcium will be vegan.

      Just as an FYI, we also sell a very calcium-rich vegan supplement from – moringa powder. It’s a leaf that’s naturally very high in calcium as well as iron and plant-based omega 3. MoringaPLUS (also vegan) has plenty of vitamin D, too. The only nutrient vegans may need to supplement that isn’t in moringa is B12.

      I’m sorry that we can’t provide a vegan Calm Plus Calcium at this time, and we appreciate your feedback.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maureen Watt

    I’ve taken Calm for sleeping, and it works well! It tastes like the drink Neo Curran because of the lemon flavour. I’ve yet to try the one starting like wildberries but I’m sure that it will taste great. As someone who can’t swallow pills of any size, any time that I can drink my supplements, that’s the way I take them!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maureen Watt

    I’ve taken Calm for sleeping, and it works well! It tastes like the drink Neocitrin, because of the lemon flavour. I’ve yet to try the one starting like wildberries but I’m sure that it will taste great. As someone who can’t swallow pills of any size, any time that I can drink my supplements, that’s the way I take them!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Estelle Vanderheide

    I have a question…don’t magnesium and calcium compete when it comes to absorption?

    • Anna O’Byrne

      Hi Estelle,

      These two minerals do not compete for absorption, so you can take both magnesium and calcium together. It is important to keep them in balance, however – approximately 1:1. Many combination formulas deliver too much calcium, which can cause tension and other issues. Natural Calm Plus Calcium is a balanced formula.

      Thanks for your question!


  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    Hi: I like to take it before going to bed as it helps me sleep. Unfortunately I often remember to take my Natural Calm as I’m dragging myself to bed & shutting down the house. Then I think, oh rats, I don’t feel like boiling water and I just “oh well, I’ll take it tomorrow”. The height of laziness I know. Is it really futile just to mix it into a glass of cool water and drink it down, instead of waiting 15 minutes for it to dissolve. What if I give it a really good mix; will it still take 15 minutes?

    • Anna Bolton O’Byrne

      Hi Jen!

      It’s not futile, but unless the Natural Calm is fully dissolved the magnesium will not be as absorbable. This is true of all forms of magnesium. Absorbability is complicated, but the best science we have indicates that you’ll get more benefits if you wait for the full dissolution and you can tell it’s dissolved when it’s crystal clear. However, we are coming out with chewable magnesium gummies soon! So, that will be a great convenience option for you.

      You can also experiment with how you feel. If you get the same benefits by just drinking it down, it might be ok for you.

      I hope this helps:)


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