Natural Calm for Fibromyalgia and Bone Density

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Natural Calm for Fibromyalgia and Bone Density

Fifteen years ago I started getting a lot of muscle pain and spasms as well as associated sleep problems and fatigue.  I had recently been diagnosed with low bone density and was told by my doctor to take more calcium in the form of dairy and supplementation.  I was also doing weight bearing exercises and trying everything I could to help bring my bone levels up, but every year when I went for my annual physical my bone density showed a decrease.  My doctor wanted me to take Actonel, which is a bone-building medication, but when I read about the side effects I told him that I didn’t want to take it and to write it on my chart that I refused the medication.

In 2005, after watching my younger sister’s health dramatically improve for migraines after taking Natural Calm magnesium, I started taking it as well for insomnia and fibromyalgia. I noticed a dramatic improvement in both my sleep patterns and muscle pain.  I slept better the first night and got rid of 70% of the muscle pain in the first week.

When I started reading about the importance of magnesium and how it helps the body to metabolize calcium I came to understand that one of the contributing factors to the fibromyalgia was a build up of calcium in my muscles.  Because one of calcium’s functions is to tense and excite the muscles and nerves it was actually causing a lot of my pain because the calcium had calcified in my muscles.

Magnesium relaxes and calms muscle and nerves and helps the body to assimilate calcium, so once I stopped taking calcium supplements and started using Natural Calm magnesium my bone density tests showed an improvement and have gradually gotten better and better over the past five years.

Five years ago I also added our topical magnesium chloride to my daily regimen by spraying it on my arms and legs morning and night.  It has not only improved the health of my bones but has also reduced muscle pain and helped me to get the sleep that I need.

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Linda Bolton

Linda is founder and CEO of TOP Nutritionals, best known for Natural Calm Canada and SuperLeaf Moringa. WIth her husband, Dale, she is co-founder of Organics 4 Orphans, the innovative not-for-profit that empowers poor communities to grow their own nutrient-dense food and natural medicine. Linda worked as a registered nurse and CEO in long-term care and taught nursing for 20 years. Since 2014, she has been named by Chatelaine and PROFIT magazine as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada.