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Hey North Vancouver! You Can Find Natural Calm at Vitasave

Natural Calm at Vitasave North Vancouver

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My name is Fiohann and I manage the Vitasave Store in Vancouver.

Here at Vitasave, we have been making natural health accessible to people globally for over 7 years.

Our Vancouver store location has been open for two years, located just off the beaten track that is Lonsdale Avenue, on 115 West 16th street, North Vancouver.

Vitasave North Vancouver

You can come into our brightly lit space for natural health products, the best smoothies in town, or even just a chat with our health educators, all of whom have a formal education in nutrition.

We are passionate about natural health and hold the strong belief that everyone can benefit from incorporating it into their daily routine. That’s why in addition to the education that we provide on the floor, we hold monthly workshops dedicated to different aspects of natural health.

Inside Vitasave North Vancouver

Being an online presence too means that we carry thousands of natural health products. One of our favourites is Natural Calm. It is an ionic form of magnesium, a mineral used in hundreds of reactions in the human body.

Natural Calm magnesium can help with everything from muscle cramps and mood, to sleep and adrenal function. We love that Natural Calm comes in different formulations, such as Calmful Sleep and Natural Calm for Kids.

It also helps that our customers love the taste!

Come in and visit our Certified Health Educators today!
115 West 16th St. North Vancouver, BC

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