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Get Natural Calm at a Finlandia Pharmacy in Vancouver

Get Your Natural Calm at Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre

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Hello! My name is Phil Larin, and I am a Product Specialist at Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre in Vancouver, Canada. I would like to take some time out of your busy day, so please have a seat and I will tell you a bit about a great natural health product I know called Natural Calm.

But first, a bit about our store!

From the moment you step in the front door, you get the feeling “something is very special here”. I have had to privilege to have worked at Finlandia for almost 10 years, so I sometimes have to remind myself how unique this natural pharmacy is, and how you can find just about anything for your natural health needs here.

For example, have you ever in all your years found a pharmacy that is stocked with probiotics, vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, natural cosmetics, and a fully functional herbal dispensary?

Finlandia also features an infrared sauna, an on-site web store, a compounding and full prescription pharmacy, and a health centre located conveniently across the street. It sounds like a lot, but it’s all here, and it’s truly amazing! We’re confident that no other natural health-related business in Vancouver has this much selection and expertise in one place!

Inside Finlandia Pharmacy

Finlandia is east of Kitsilano, and just west of Vancouver General Hospital. We’re in one of the best locations in the city for what we do!

But enough about ourselves – let’s talk about Natural Calm!

It’s incredible to think back to when I was first introduced to Natural Calm. It was at another famous natural health store in Toronto nearly 12 years ago. Natural Calm had just been introduced in Canada, and was taking the supplement market by storm!

This magnesium supplement has a slightly effervescent effect when it is mixed with hot water. As it dissolves, the “magnesium magic” is activated and you can enjoy your cup of Calm like a bedtime tea.

Over the years, I’ve found the effects of Natural Calm to be quite profound – easier relaxation, fewer muscles cramps, and best of all – better sleep!

I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve pointed to Natural Calm since it was first brought to market. What I do know is this: if you’re looking for something natural to help you unwind, Natural Calm is for you.

In Orange, Cherry, Lemon, Lemon Raspberry, and Natural Flavour, there is a flavour for everyone, and many benefits to be had from this amazing product!

Come into Finlandia Pharmacy and Natural Health Centre today to talk to one of our Product Specialists about Natural Calm! We’d be more than happy to tell you more about the profound benefits in person.

If you take prescription medication, one of our pharmacists will be more than happy to assist you by performing an interaction check between your medication and Natural Calm.

To get in touch with us at Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre, visit

See you soon!

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