Magnesium And Stress Management: Here’s How It Works

Magnesium deficiency and chronic stress - balancing life and stress management

Hectic schedules, things to do and places to be, mental, physical and emotional issues all cause stress. We know the sensations: quickened pulse, rapid breathing, tense muscles, and thoughts that just won’t quit.

At a cellular level, many of these sensations are set off by calcium. When our brain perceives stress, calcium rushes into cells to cause the firing of nerves, the contraction of muscles and secretion of hormones. It acts like a trigger.

This temporary (and we stress ‘temporary’) stress reaction is healthy and natural. We’re wired to respond physically to signals that all is not-quite-well. Our body prepares for fight-or-flight at the moment of stress.


When the moment has passed, magnesium helps push the calcium back outside the cell, allowing it to “calm down”. In effect, magnesium puts a damper on the physical stress reaction.

The dynamic is similar to the patterns of our heartbeat and breathing; there’s an action, and a resting state. Calcium causes the action, and magnesium permits the release.

With adequate magnesium, you can experience stressful events and return to a calm state, naturally and quickly.


If you are magnesium deficient, the cells keep firing long after the stress reaction has served its purpose. There simply isn’t enough magnesium to bring a return to calm. Instead of experiencing temporary, natural stress, you experience continuous stress and long-term symptoms, like inflammation.

It’s like having a light switch partially on. The current keeps flowing and energy is continually drained.

Stress depletes the body of magnesium, because for every stress action, there’s a necessary magnesium-controlled reaction, to establish balance. Combined with too much calcium, a magnesium deficiency creates the conditions for non-stop tension and reactivity.


Are you getting enough magnesium if you don’t supplement? About half the population is lacking in this important mineral, and here’s why:

  • Most people don’t eat enough magnesium-rich foods;
  • Even with a healthy diet, it’s hard to get enough magnesium. Our soils are just too depleted.
  • Most of us can only absorb about half of what we ingest.
  • We easily deplete magnesium when we drink coffee, eat sugar, sweat from physical activity and experience chronic stress.

Only Natural Calm has a proprietary formula of highly absorbable magnesium in ionic form so it starts working right away. Natural Calm is clinically proven to help with magnesium deficiency.

Start giving your body what it needs to manage stress naturally.

And when you find your own state of calm, spread the word! Nearly everyone we know today is both magnesium-deficient, and under tremendous stress – without realizing the link between the two. Now that you know, let those you love know by sharing this post!

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