Keep Calm With All-Natural Anti-Anxiety Aids

Natural anti anxiety supplements - herbs

It can be tough to keep our cool when the temperatures are freezing.

Here in Canada, we get hit with the trifecta of doom come January: debt, winter, and post-holiday deflation.

Those of us who are tied to the school schedule won’t see a holiday until March, and the snow just doesn’t seem to understand that it’s outlived its usefulness. (For me, Dec 25th is the very last day I want to see a white blanket on anything.)

So while you’re out there de-icing your car, or squinting into a cold wind, how will you stay calm?

We have a few ideas. Today, we’ll focus on giving your brain and nervous system the very best in mood-support. There are a handful of safe supplements we recommend for easing frayed nerves.


The ultimate anti-stress mineral, magnesium is a safe muscle relaxant that also lowers blood pressure. You can take Natural Calm magnesium before bed, or throughout the day. Most Canadians aren’t getting enough magnesium through diet. Not surprisingly, low magnesium is statistically linked to anxiety. In the US, Natural Calm won the 2015 Delicious Living Anti-Stress Supplement Award.


An extremely mild sedative that calms frayed nerves. Drink as an herbal tea. Fifty-seven percent of people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression improved after taking chamomile daily.


Increases the brain’s alpha-wave activity, resulting in relaxation and greater mental clarity. Found in green and black teas.

Omega 3s

Supports healthy moods in adults; known for naturally relieving depression and bipolar disorder. In a study on 953 women, higher intake of omega 3s caused a 50 percent reduction in the risk of anxiety disorders.


Good for both anxiety and depression, Kava’s muscle-relaxing effects also make it a smart choice for relieving tension headaches.

Where can you get these all-natural anti-anxiety aids? Natural Calm is available from our online store and from retailers across Canada, and the rest you will easily find from your local purveyor of natural health products.

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or recommendations of your own!

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