What to Buy? Gifts They’ll Love, With a Focus on Health

It’s that time of year again, and I have to admit, gifting gives me low-level anxiety. I’m opposed to gift certificates (so un-festive), yet allergic to shopping malls. I don’t want to browse until I find the right thing. I want to know, and then procure with swift resolution. That’s why I love a targeted gift guide.

This year, I’ll be sharing ideas for the health nut – or would-be health nut – in your life. Because a healthy-livin’ gift shows you really care, much more so than another box of chocolates!

I’ve broken it down into separate forthcoming guides for:

You’ll see a new installment on the blog a few times a week from now into early December.

Whether you’re shopping for grown-up kids, a partner, your bestie or your own parents, you can make some excellent choices when you look at organic, holistic and natural products and services.

You’ll going to have to let me off the hook when it comes to shopping for kids, though. I love, love, love shopping for my kids, but as you probably know there is a huge difference between what you buy a one-year-old and what you buy a three-year-old. A list for all ages, boys and girls, is just too much!

So, here are my general thoughts on buying for kids:

  • You can’t go wrong with ‘experience’ gifts. Get them a pass to Lego World, or a trampoline gym, or gift them with some classes to pursue a hobby.
  • Books, books, books. Parents of little kids will thank you, and hopefully you can instill a love of reading in older kids.
  • I love the store, Mastermind Toys. There are amazing, unique gifts for every age, and as the name implies, there’s a focus on skill development.
  • Costumes are fantastic value. There’s a long stretch from toddlerhood right up to some point in primary school where kids dress up every chance they get. Almost no toy is as well-used as a costume. And bonus: they go on sale after Halloween.
  • When buying anything that might end up in their mouths or on their skin, look for a non-toxic or organic label. Avoid dyes, artificial fragrance and anything that sprays questionable ingredients.
  • As a stocking stuffer, you might try a bottle of Natural Calm for Kids. Little people love having their own supply and the ritual of drinking bubbly “tea” at night can become something they look forward to.

Keep an eye open for the next installment of the gift buying series. I’ll be sharing my ideas for gifting the “Naturalista” in your life. Maybe it’s a daughter, your mother or a friend; she’s the one who chooses organic whenever she can. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect thing for the Naturalista, because she has such strong views on what’s ok, and what’s not. I’ll help you navigate those tough choices.

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