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I have been using your product Natural Calm Magnesium – Lemon – ¾ tsp in 1 cup hot water as my nightly tea since about 2010.  Recently I went to have a Quantum Biofeedback Scan done on the status of my overall health.  I was told that I could also bring the supplements etc. I’m regularly consuming to test for effectiveness and bioavailability.  I brought all 12 of my supplements and food items taken regularly.

Quantum Biofeedback score of approx. 80 – 100 being ideal, some of the products gave me low scores such as 37 – 45 etc.. while others were 85 – 95 etc.  My QB score for the Natural Calm Magnesium was 105 – which as the technicial explained was optimal for my body, and good to continue taking.  It shows that it’s a very good product, bioavailable and effective.  Thank you so much for producing such an excellent product!


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