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I have to tell you my experience with the gel.  I have had extreme pain in my left leg for some time – never getting an answer from my doctor as to why.

I had a Bakers cyst in my left leg & I also developed pain in my left knee leading to knee replacement in February 2014.  I was told the Baker’s cyst would likely disappear after surgery.  Well, it never did go away & I thought this was the cause of the pain in my leg.  By November 2017 I had full-blown pain from my ankle up to about 4 inches above the bend in the back of my leg.  Of course, it affects the way a person walks & that causes pain in the back & more & more pain.  This is the reason I had to find an answer.

One day I Googled a question where could I go next if my doctor can’t help.  There were people who talked about the same symptoms I had & someone mentioned magnesium oil.   So I did research on that.  I thought I would give it a try so I went to Nutters on a Friday afternoon & bought some Mag Therapy mag gel.  When I got home I put some on my leg twice before bed.  I persistently put it on for the next few days at least 3 times a day.  By Monday morning I was pain-free & have been since.  I can hardly believe it.  I tell my story to everyone who mentions they are in pain & hope they get the relief I got.  Thank you so much.  Wish I had discovered this sooner.

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  1. Thank you for putting your experience out there as I will try magnesium oil for my mum who is having terrible pain in her leg due to a Baker’s Cyst and finding walking extremely difficult.

  2. My mouth is wide open this describes exactly exactly my situation.Ive ordered some gel I pray I get the same results .I couldn’t get the same kind cause I’m in the states but I found one on Amazon thankyou so much for at least a direction

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