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Have been using your product about 4 years for medical reasons. It helped me get off of a horrible, long-termed, prescribed (by specialist) laxative PEG. Terrible side effects.

I do not want to mislead anyone as I use 3 tsp of your product per day in a.m. supplemented throughout the day with mag citrate capsules. My problem is severe.

I have had to go the ‘trial & error’ route in order to avoid prescribed Restoralax (3x recommended dose per day) which by the way, should only be used for 6 days. I was put on it to use for the rest of my life by a gastroenterologist. After 2 years of Restoralax (Miralax in USA) and all of its nightmarish side effects, I started experimenting and eventually found your product thru the Miralax Yahoo website. These are people (adults & kids) that have suffered severe side effects from the product. It seems that it may penetrate the blood brain barrier.

Natural Calm has also helped with my irregular heartbeat.

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