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(Posted with permission from Brian, who submitted this testimonial by email.)

After searching for a remedy for the terrible leg cramps that I’ve been experiencing for several years I stumbled upon Natural Calm.

When I looked at the website I realized that I may suffer from magnesium deficiency since I have many of the symptoms. I have had two terrible kidney stones in the last three years.

So I purchased your product. I have been using it for three weeks. I have not experienced leg cramps in that time. That’s not entirely unusual that I’d go that long, but typically I’d get one or two.

However, I have also experienced other benefits that I didn’t expect.

Normally my digestive system is a little unusual. I will only pass solids about every three days and I feel kind of bloated and uncomfortable by the third day. Now I’m regular! I don’t feel bloated. I’ve lost weight as well.

My back doesn’t ache as much. I have a chronic problem with my back. It’s a serious condition related to rheumatoid arthritis but the last three weeks are as good as it’s been in a long time. I also have a problem with my knee and it’s not hurting as much. The knee problem is muscular in nature.

I also feel a general sense of being more relaxed and less stressed and just feel better overall!

It’s all quite remarkable. I don’t normally purchase supplements or natural remedies because I’m very sceptical but this is truly amazing!

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