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Magnesium for Muscle Cramps & Spasms

Magnesium as Muscle Relaxant

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Why do people recommend magnesium for muscle cramps? And how does it help to relieve muscle cramping, spasms, and twitches?

Magnesium is a very effective muscle relaxant. It can be quickly and easily absorbed, to mitigate post-workout muscle pain, or ease spasms experienced by those with Restless Legs Syndrome, fibromyalgia, or other conditions that involve muscle tension.

In this post, we’ll explain the science behind magnesium’s role as “the most effective relaxation mineral available“.

Magnesium as Muscle Relaxant: the Science Behind How it Works

how magnesium relaxes muscles

Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, explains how magnesium functions with calcium to control muscles, with magnesium playing the role of muscle relaxant:

Calcium causes contraction in skeletal muscle fibers, and magnesium causes relaxation. When there is too much calcium and insufficient magnesium inside a cell, you can get sustained muscle contraction: twitches, spasms, and even convulsions.” (The Magnesium Miracle, p. 16)

Magnesium works in a constant interplay with calcium, magnesium’s mineral opposite. Calcium functions to tense and excite muscle and nerves, while magnesium relaxes.

Without sufficient magnesium to balance calcium, calcium will rush into the cell and flood it – causing a constant state of tension and rigidity. This manifests as muscle cramps, spasms, and pain.

This state of tension can become chronic because excess calcium is often stored in the muscles. Unfortunately, this is true even when it comes to our body’s most important muscle, the heart.

Magnesium helps to push high levels of calcium out of the cells, preventing the build-up of calcium and even re-absorbing calcification that has already taken place.

Does magnesium help with muscle cramps?

Magnesium for Muscle Cramps

Magnesium helps with all types of muscle cramps, from PMS to nighttime leg cramps, pregnancy cramps, exercise-induced cramps, and more.

All of these types of cramps are caused by an excess of calcium in the muscle, and to usher that calcium out, you need more magnesium.

Often, the results are fast. If you have a chronic magnesium deficiency, you may need to consistently increase your magnesium levels on a daily basis to experience complete relief from muscle cramps.

Read on to find out how you can increase your magnesium levels.

Balance calcium with magnesium to keep muscles relaxed

Natural Calm magnesium works to counter calcium and relax muscles

Calcium to magnesium ratios in the body should be 1:1 for optimum health. But because magnesium is excreted every 12 hours, and the body is unable to excrete excess calcium, the ratio very easily becomes imbalanced.

What’s more, most people get too much calcium through diet and not enough magnesium.

For these reasons, most people should never take calcium without magnesium. Magnesium, on the other hand, can be taken daily even without a calcium supplement.

Most people don’t get enough magnesium through diet. High magnesium foods like beans, nuts, seeds, and dark, leafy greens usually don’t feature heavily enough in our meals to meet the recommended intake for magnesium.

Of course, everyone should eat more of these incredibly healthy foods! However, if you’re not getting around 300 mg/day of magnesium as an adult, as a minimum, you should consider supplementing.

Natural Calm magnesium citrate is a high-absorbable, fast-acting supplement that tastes great. Just stir it into hot water and sip for instant relaxation. (You’ll feel it in your muscles and your entire body!)

Magnesium as muscle relaxant: safer than prescription muscle relaxers

Magnesium vs. Prescription Muscle Relaxant

As a natural muscle relaxant, magnesium works directly in the cells of the muscles, some prescription muscle relaxant medications work on the brain and spine.

Most pharmaceutical muscle relaxants come with a long list of precautions, contraindications, and possible side effects.

Possible side effects of these drugs can include fatigue, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, headache, anxiety, nightmares, sleeplessness, aching muscles, agitation, confusion, shakiness, sweating, skin rash, abdominal pain, chills, breathing difficulties, blurred vision, low blood pressure, rash… And the list goes on.

Magnesium supplements are far safer than pharmaceutical muscle relaxants. Magnesium can be taken by almost everyone and there is little risk of taking too much. Under normal conditions, you excrete magnesium every day. (Unlike calcium, it doesn’t build up in the body causing health issues.)

Speak to your healthcare professional about supplementing with magnesium if you are under medical care or taking medication.

What Natural Calm fans say about magnesium for muscle cramps

Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Flavours

We are so glad to hear from people who use Natural Calm for muscle cramps and pains! Here’s a selection of testimonials on how Natural Calm magnesium has helped those in need of a natural muscle relaxant. 

“Haven’t had a cramp since I started taking Natural Calm”

“Thank you for such an excellent product. I don’t consume any dairy products and even though I take a multivitamin daily, my calcium intake was not sufficient to maintain good health. For a few months I was waking up in the night with excruciating cramps in my legs and feet.

Sometimes I would be up for hours trying to work them out. I would cry, the pain was so bad. After a bit of research I learned that deficiencies in calcium and potassium could be a cause. A dear friend recommended natural calm. I started drinking it twice a day and I can honestly tell you that I have not had a cramp since. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Cathy Boynton

“Noticed a dramatic change”

“When I started to take the Natural Calm as directed, I made only one change. I stopped taking my calcium supplements. To my amazement, within one week….I started to notice a dramatic change and almost…IMMEDIATELY!

The ‘charlie horses,’ disappeared! NO LEG CRAMPING!

I slept throughout the night without the painstaking leg cramps waking me up and felt more refreshed upon awakening rather than feeling fatigued!

The headaches became minimal and almost down to one a week, instead of several a day!

The second week and third week only got better and I have been on it for a month now.

The only change I made was to not take calcium supplements any longer but started taking Natural Calm. What a HUGE difference this has made!

Irene Mielnik

“Haven’t had back aches”

“I have been using Natural Calm for about 10 years. When I started taking it, I was suffering from backaches and visited a chiropractor every week. I haven’t had a backache in so long, I can’t remember when they stopped.”


“Muscle twitches and convulsions stopped”

“For years my legs would twitch at night and on occasion cramp despite taking both calcium and magnesium for over 15 years. The twitching would be so violent that it would shake the bed and wake up my wife.

On occasion I would be awakened and the muscle convulsions in my legs would be strong enough to shake my whole body. A friend told me about Natural Calm.

After a week the muscle twitches and convulsions stopped. I slept a lot better and woke up refreshed, like I actually had a good night’s sleep. I have also noticed my chiropractic adjustments holding well.”

John Z.

“Symptoms completely disappeared”

“A few years ago, I was having severe joint and muscular aches and pains where I had limited mobility in shoulder and knee joints and had to hold onto something to hobble out of bed, limping.

I tried Natural Calm and in 24 hours I had great relief. Within 48 hours the symptoms completely disappeared. I took the daily dosage until the deficiency was handled and now I only take about a teaspoon a day and have not had recurring symptoms.”

Anne Fewel

“Couldn’t believe I was in no pain”

“Four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer…. I was experiencing very restless sleeping, being fatigued and in a great deal of muscle pain.

After just two days of taking Natural Calm, I couldn’t believe I was in no pain. Sleeping very well and lots of energy. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was—feeling normal again. This product is beyond words for me! I don’t miss a day without taking it twice.”

P.S. (user’s initials)

“Natural Calm has been nothing short of life changing”

“Natural Calm has been nothing short of life changing. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, arthritis and anxiety.

I take it mainly for severe nighttime muscle cramping in my legs and back. If I forget to take it and wake up with cramping, a warm mug of Natural Calm relieves my symptoms in literally minutes and allows me to get back to sleep for a relaxed and calm night.

Sometimes, I also take it during the day for the same reasons. My need for the product and a higher dosage fluctuates due to stress and other life variables.

Natural calm has also alleviated my need to take addictive anxiety medications.

I have recommended this product to so many people because it has improved my life enormously. The ONLY other vitamin/medication that I take is D3 so I’m sure that this product is effective.

Some friends try it with great results, others won’t even attempt. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

For me, Natural Calm has been a true , life changing gift.”


“Surprised at how well it works”

“I tried Natural Calm for free. My doctor recommended magnesium supplements after pain meds were failing, so I googled and came across, and I was very surprised at how well it works.

I was a little taken aback by the effervescentes, I didn’t expect it to bubble up and the first try it mostly ended up on the counter, but I figured it out. Cherry is my favorite flavour.

After drinking it, I found by the next day I was more capable of moving my legs and my back wasn’t hurting as bad, it also cleared up my brain fog. It’s a great product and it tastes great too. I will purchase and recommend.”

Sheena D

“Cramping has gone away”

“For 4 months I was suffering from insomnia, having troubles falling to sleep, then waking at 3 am .. and I get up at 5:30. So exhaustion,  and frustration set in. And I was getting cramps in my foot and legs. Upon a suggestion from a coworker I tried your Natural Calm, and had a real good sleep right from the first night and cramping has gone away too!!”


“Spasms considerably decreased”

“I wanted to take the time to write you to let you know that as a sufferer of fibromyalgia, I have always had ongoing body spasms but recently, they got really bad and a friend of mine recommended your product (the one you put in water and drink) and within 2 days my spasms CONSIDERABLY decreased.

I had previously tried the magnesium gel product (from another brand) and it point blank, sucked. Thanks for making this product!! I’ll be recommending it to other sufferers I know.”


“Truly amazing!”

“After searching for a remedy for the terrible leg cramps that I’ve been experiencing for several years I stumbled upon Natural Calm.

When I looked at the website I realized that I may suffer from magnesium deficiency since I have many of the symptoms. I have had two terrible kidney stones in the last three years.

So I purchased your product. I have been using it for three weeks. I have not experienced leg cramps in that time. That’s not entirely unusual that I’d go that long, but typically I’d get one or two.

However, I have also experienced other benefits that I didn’t expect.

Normally my digestive system is a little unusual. I will only pass solids about every three days and I feel kind of bloated and uncomfortable by the third day. Now I’m regular! I don’t feel bloated. I’ve lost weight as well.

My back doesn’t ache as much. I have a chronic problem with my back. It’s a serious condition related to rheumatoid arthritis but the last three weeks are as good as it’s been in a long time. I also have a problem with my knee and it’s not hurting as much. The knee problem is muscular in nature.

I also feel a general sense of being more relaxed and less stressed and just feel better overall!

It’s all quite remarkable. I don’t normally purchase supplements or natural remedies because I’m very sceptical but this is truly amazing!”

Brian J. (Bracebridge)

“Feels like a miracle”

Just wanted to let you know that we have seen a complete change with my son’s sleep. The leg cramps have vanished and he is (knocking on wood while typing) sleeping through the night. I know you get it; it really does feel like a miracle.

Stephanie R.

“Helps muscle soreness and body functioning”

“I use this every day, for several years, before bed. It helps calm me for sleep. Magnesium also helps muscle soreness and body functioning. I love it and can tell if I miss a night. It’s the best! Only this brand too.”

Beth Aitken

“Twitching is gone!”

“When I am excited my body uses a lot of magnesium! I have small muscles twitching. I was taking many kinds of magnesium and the twitching was still there. Once I tried CALM magnesium, the twitching was GONE! It’s very well absorbed. Excellent product!”


“Beneficial with leg cramps”

“Natural Calm is very beneficial with leg cramps and to prevent waking up in the middle of the night.”


“It really helps”

“I take Natural Calm to prevent night leg cramps. It really helps.”


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