Gifts For The Naturalista – Part 2

In the last post, I covered off the topics of natural fragrance, skin care and beauty (plus where to shop!) for the discriminating Naturalista. Today, I’ll be covering clothing, edibles, gift certificates and more – gift ideas that will pass her high standards.


Only in more recent years have I become aware of the chemicals involved in manufacturing clothing. It’s sad for our environment, for the workers in factories, and probably not healthy for the end user.

Alternative clothing can be expensive and sometimes lacking in the style department, but organic fashion is making leaps and bounds.

Look for eco-fabrics in hemp, bamboo, soy, silk, linen or cashmere.

  • Nomad’s Hemp Wear is a made in Canada option on the rustic end of the spectrum.
  • Young and casual Naturalistas will appreciate the Me to We line of sustainable clothing, with a social impact.
  • For the fashion sophisticate, check out Flare magazine’s listing of the top 10 eco shops in Canada. I recognize at least one of these brands (Atelier B) from the One of a Kind Show, so if you’re in the Toronto area at this time of year, head to the Exhibition Place to find some stylish options in organic fabrics.


Living the Naturalista life often means preparing a lot of your own food. Who can afford to eat out at raw, organic restaurants every day?

There are a few inexpensive tools that I’d recommend for anyone interested in healthy eating. (No, I’m not talking about a Vitamix. $700 is a bit much for a gift.) She might have these already, but if not, any of the following are sure bets:

  • A sprouter/sprouting kit is a fantastic way to turn dried legumes and seeds into incredibly healthy sprouts, to eat raw or add to breads, soups, crackers and more.
  • A spiralizer is a pretty fun tool for making raw zucchini noodles, super-thin carrot ribbons, and so on.
  • Fermentation is hot, and chances are your Naturalista is digging kimchi. Consider gifting her with a home lacto-fermentation kit.

But it’s not all raw veggies, all the time. Your Naturalista would no doubt appreciate some of the home luxuries that others enjoy, like wine, chocolate, tea and snacks. Just look for organic brands.

If your Naturalista lives in a town or city where raw, organic restaurants exist, show her you care with a gift certificate. She probably needs a break from all that juicing and blending, fermenting and sprouting.


If you must go the gift certificate route, consider an organic beauty salon in her area. Hair, skin and nail care services can come with a heavy chemical load at conventional salons. Gift her with organic pampering.

In the spirit of relaxation, also consider spa, massage, acupuncture or yoga class gift certificates.


It almost goes without saying that Natural Calm is an ideal gift for the Naturalista. Even the healthiest eaters can find it tough to get enough magnesium, and your Naturalista will love that Natural Calm is flavoured with stevia and organic fruit flavours. And shipping is free!

In the next blog post I’ll share a gift guide for the busy mom, so look out in the coming days. In the meantime, share your ideas. What are the absolute best natural products that you love?

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