Gifts For The Busy Mom – Part 1

Writing these gift guides means slotting people into categories in a way that’s not totally fair. No one is just “a Naturalista” and no one is just a “Busy Mom”. I get that.

Busy moms are also recreational hockey goalies, secret playwrights, hot sauce addicts and punk rock aficionados.

This ‘busy mom’ gift guide is centred around the more general themes of self-care and saving time – for obvious reasons. Pampering, hobbies, entertainment all take a back seat to responsibility for the busy mom. If she’s like most moms, she probably misses those things.


Little people add a lot of ‘stuff’ to our lives. When we have kids, we are literally tripping over detritus and we spend half our lives putting other’s belongings away. Chances are, the busy mom on your list would like to streamline the house a bit. Unless you know for a fact that she really, really wants that decorative sculpture, think services instead.

The first thing to ask yourself is, will this service be practical? Can she use this gift certificate given her schedule and responsibilities?

For example: salons and spas, massage, acupuncture and other forms of pampering are great, but they’re also time commitments. Can you pay for babysitting as part of the gift? Can you babysit yourself? Make it easy for her to enjoy your gift.

What else? Well, most parents – fathers or mothers – really appreciate a chance to get out and do adult things. Can you get her tickets to a concert or theatre (movie or live performance)? Is there a restaurant she’d love to try?

Sometimes the best ‘night out’ is just a night doing something healthy, like yoga, pilates, or a running club. Pick up a class or a series of classes from a local studio, community centre or Running Room.

Maybe creativity is her thing. Possibly she has a much-neglected hobby or a creative dream she’d like to pursue. Can you gift her with classes?

‘Date night’ gift certificates are also a lovely idea. Get creative here and choose something like a couples’ cooking class, or a couples’ massage package. And then – this is the key – make sure the babysitting is sorted out.

If the busy mom on your list is uber-practical, think of how you can make her day-to-day life easier with services. Home cleaning, yard work, car detailing and handyman services are great ideas.

What about you? Have you landed on some really great gifts for the busy parent in your life? Or maybe you are that busy parent and you know exactly what you’d like. Share your ideas here!

In the next post, we’ll carry on with the theme of gifts for the busy mom, but we’ll get into gifts for healthy living. This is really my passion. If you missed the last gift guide, check out my recommendations for gifting The Naturalista.

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