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Gifts Ideas for the Type A Personality

gifts for the type A

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Is there a Type-A personality on your gift list? Someone who drives themselves hard, needs to win, and basically orchestrates the world around them? Need ideas for giving that Type A personality the perfect gift?

In the good old days you would get the Type-A a personal organizer. They love that kind of thing.

But really, what the Type A needs is help winding down and taking themselves a little more lightly. Their health depends on it!

Type-As set themselves up for all kinds of stress-related illnesses: heart disease, most famously. They’re also more prone to injuries because they thrive on competition and push themselves past the point of comfort. And do they stretch? I’d be willing to bet Type-As are the most resistant to stretching; it’s just too slow!

We love Type-As. No judgement here. But if there’s one thing we’d change, it’s how they treat their bodies. So, here’s a health-focused list of gift ideas for the Type-A in your life:

  • Yoga classes, online or in-person
  • Massage or acupuncture
  • A gift certificate to a water-therapy/ a water spa or flotation therapy (very cool)
  • Consultation with a naturopath, to discuss diet and supplements for stress-reduction
  • Classes in something creative and meditative, like pottery or painting
  • Classes in something non-competitive and even a bit silly (think improv)
  • An outdoor experience, like a guided hiking or cycling tour, snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing or stand-up-paddle-board
  • Tickets to live comedy (laughter is the best medicine)
  • Tickets to a play or a concert where they can just sit back, relax, and enjoy
  • Audiobooks, for those Type-As who need to multi-task
  • An aromatherapy kit
  • If they spend a lot of time glued to the computer, consider a balance ball chair (it’s so good for the core and posture)
  • Last but not least, a large bottle of Natural Calm, because Type-As need magnesium more than anyone

And in case you didn’t know, our shipping is free. Picking up Natural Calm as a gift is stress-less for you, and a stress antidote for the loved ones on your list.

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