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5 Ways to Celebrate Holidays During COVID-19 and Socially Distance

holiday celebration during COVID-19

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Wondering how to gather to share this holiday season with your loved ones? As everyone is well aware, a COVID-19 holiday in Canada will definitely look unlike any other winter holiday in recent history. 

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. 

Here are ideas for activities your family can do with extended family, or just your own bubble. Swap out your usual indoor holiday gathering for one of these ideas.


outdoor winter activities

Outdoor skating arenas are a great option for family meet-ups this year. Skating is conveniently outdoors and an open-air activity. Why not take an afternoon to have outdoor fun on ice?

Some areas in Canada have beautiful outdoor skating areas with concession stands and comfortable places to sit and watch.

There may be limits on the numbers… and skate rentals might not be available, so call in advance to check.

Skiing & Snowshoeing

outdoor winter sports

Downhill skiing instead of gathering around a turkey, cozy inside? Why not?

Skiing offers outdoor fun for all ages, and although ski resorts in Canada have had to make adjustments given the conditions, many have said that they are looking forward to the upcoming season. 

Group lessons will likely be prohibited, but depending on the destination, private lessons for those within your bubble may be a possibility. 

If your family is fit, there’s always cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, too! Pick a trail and meet up to spend time together in the hush tranquility of a winter wonderland.

Light Shows

COVID-19 safe outdoor holiday activity

Canada has a number of outdoor drive-thru light shows that you can attend with your bubble, or in separate cars with other family members. 

Either free or moderately priced, these shows can be a beautiful way to bring warmth and energy to our darker winter days. 

Some areas also have beautiful, walkable light displays. Meet up with loved ones and take a stroll while oohing and ahhing over the spectacular lights.

A list of light displays for the 2020 holidays in Toronto and the GTA can be found here.

Nearby Holiday Rentals

cabin rentals in Canada

In the spirit of staycation, many families have been exploring options for short, close-to-home trips. It’s far safer during COVID-19 to have a getaway that doesn’t involve air travel.

Renting a yurt or a cabin close to home could be a wonderful way for your family bubble to get away this winter. These are available across Ontario, and more generally around Canada. 

Check out your provincial parks website or Parks Canada to find out where you can stay this holiday season.

Bringing the Warmth Outdoors

outdoor family fun

Fire pits and heat lamps have become increasingly popular throughout the fall and as the weather gets cooler because people want to meet safely on their porches and patios during COVID-19. 

Grab some outdoor blankets, warm drinks, fire up your heaters or fire pit and gather with family outdoors.

If your backyard or outdoor space has room for it, this is an investment that could go towards more time spent outside in the future. 

Some parks also have public fire pits where you and your family can cozy up. 

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