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Christmas Gifts For Her

Gift Guide Healthy Gifts

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Not sure what to buy the woman in your life this holiday? Here’s our 2022 updated guide to Christmas Gifts for Her.

There’s inspiration for any holiday here and these ideas easily apply to the guy in your life, too. They’re gender-neutral.

You’ll notice quite a few holistic and natural products and service ideas here — as you’d expect from a natural health brand. But it’s not just us!

Why Health & Wellness Gifts for Her?

Natural health products have grown from a niche interest to a massive movement. The demand for natural health and wellness products is so high, you really can’t go wrong. Nearly everyone is dabbling in natural now — and some people on your list won’t buy anything less.

If you have a committed ‘naturalista’ in your life, it can be hard to know what to buy. Maybe it’s a daughter, your mother, or a friend.

She’s the one who knows all about parabens and sulphates. She sources free-from products, chooses organic, and sometimes it’s hard to buy gifts that live up to her toxin-free standards.

This guide will help you navigate those tough choices. (While making healthier, greener choices.)

Gift Her Toxin-Free, All-Natural Fragrance

Women get a lot of gifts with fragrance: bath bombs, perfume, candles, creams. But artificial fragrance is loaded with chemicals.

That’s why there are so many natural fragrance alternatives on the market today. Search for “natural chemical-free perfume”, “natural toxin-free fragrance” or a variation and you’ll see a host of new product options. Most of these new products can be easily ordered online.

New natural fragrance brands are emerging en masse, so the options change regularly, but if you need inspiration check out this “best of” list by Harper’s Bazaar.

Perfume too personal? Look for natural fragrance options in these categories:

  • soy candles
  • essential oil fragrance diffusers
  • vials of pure, essential oil for topical aromatherapy
  • natural fragrance spritzers for freshening fabrics and scenting rooms
  • natural soaps

Not sure whether a product is really natural and safe, search for it in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

Give the Gift of Natural Hair, Skin Care and Beauty

Natural skin care can be a small luxury, so it makes a great gift. That said, there’s now such a good range of high-quality natural beauty products available in health stores, you can choose between moderately priced and high-end.

Try all-natural moisturizer, toner, facial treatments (like masks and exfoliants), intensive hand and foot treatments, or hair products.

The conventional versions of these are often loaded with chemicals, so again, a plethora of natural brands have cropped up and you’ll have no end of choices. 

If she wears makeup, look for chemical-free face, lip, and eye products. Many are also cruelty-free. (Look for the bunny symbol.)

Again, the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database will make it easier to find out what’s really natural and non-toxic. Just click on any product category in their listing to find their top recommended and verified options.

Not sure what she’ll love?

Natural skincare, beauty, and hair subscription boxes are also wonderful. She’ll get a selection of new products to try each month, which takes the pressure off of choosing just the right thing. Look for one in your area. 

Rather give a gift certificate? Consider an organic beauty salon in her area. Hair, skin, and nail care services can come with a heavy chemical load at conventional salons. So, gift her with organic pampering instead. 

Give Natural, Sustainable Clothing

There’s nothing like the Christmas cashmere sweater or the flannel PJ set… special clothing makes a cozy gift.

But conventional fabrics are processed with chemicals that don’t entirely wash out. Chemical residue comes in contact with our skin and increases the toxic load in our bodies. 

So, what are the alternatives?

Today, there are natural and organic clothing options to suit any style and across every category, from lingerie to outerwear and accessories.

Some clothing brands are stronger on the social side. They pay fair wages, protect workers, and give back to communities. 

Other brands boast organic credentials, which means they’re better for your health, the environment, and workers.

If organic isn’t an option for you, look for brands that use all-natural fibers instead of plastic-based synthetics like polyester. Better yet if the fabric is recycled.

Watch out for greenwashing. For example, bamboo rayon may be marketed as natural but processed with so many chemicals, it’s natural in name only.

That’s why we love the good on you website. It’s a directory that rates clothing brands based on their impact on people, the planet, and animals. Find your next gift idea there!

Give Natural Home Linens, Bedding & More

Speaking of natural and organic fabrics, what about giving beautiful sheets, bedding, pillows, and blankets? These can be luxuriously indulgent (and practical) Christmas gifts for almost anyone.

What we’ve said above about clothing applies to any of the fabrics in your home, too. Sheets, mattresses, blankets, and pillows all come in close contact with our skin for, well, a third of our lives.

Help the loved ones in your life upgrade to a cleaner sleep with natural and organic options.

Here’s a guide from The Good Trade to help you get started.

Give the Gift of Natural & Organic Food

No one needs another box of chocolates at Christmas! And those gift baskets filled with shortbread and little jams are largely just junk. There, I’ve said it:)

The options here are limitless! 

You can give the gift of a natural snack, tea, or coffee subscription box. Or make your own gift basket by hand-selecting natural goodies with her tastes in mind.

You can gift a weekly box of produce from a local farm. It’s so fun when the seasonal, often organic fruits and veggies arrive. 

Another option is to gift a healthy meal kit or prepared meal delivery. Nearly everyone can use help getting a healthy, hot meal on the table.

Or, give good kitchen gadgets, like a quality blender, a sprouter, a spiralizer, or a fermentation kit. Having the right tools makes cooking healthy so much easier.

If your loved one lives in a town or city where raw, organic restaurants exist, show her you care with a gift certificate. And support local businesses.

Gift Organic Wine

Conventional wine can be loaded with chemicals. Good organic wine can be pricier, which is why it makes a great gift. 

Research the organic wineries closest to you. In Ontario, Southbrook is one of the pioneers and their wines are fantastic. You can order a case or multiple bottles and they will hand delivery in the Greater Toronto Area.

Try searching for “biodynamic wine” as well.

Organic and biodynamic wineries are working hard to protect people and the environment, so show them your support while giving a gift she’ll love!

Give the Gift of Organic Cleaning & Landscaping Services

Gifting home services may not be a traditional Christmas gift, but it’s one she’ll likely appreciate. It is such a luxury to hand over the house and yard work to someone else, especially when the service is toxin-free.

We recommend searching her local area for organic or environmentally-friendly home services, such as cleaning, lawn care, or landscaping. 

It’s a great way to support healthier, more sustainable local businesses while pampering your loved one.

Give Natural Pampering & Relaxation

Why not choose a Christmas gift that helps her unwind?

Consider a gift certificate to an organic spa for a facial, pedicure or manicure. These are more common now than ever.

Massage, acupuncture, or yoga class gift certificates are great options to show you care about her health. We also love the idea of water therapy, water spas, and flotation therapy tanks.

For the ultimate in de-compression, how about a meditation retreat? (Smaller budget? Try gifting her a meditation app.)

Give Fitness Gear

Help her reach her goals with a fitness-related Christmas gift. 

Sleek, high-performance fitness apparel is in no short supply, today. But now you can also choose fitness apparel that’s sustainable. Again, check out good on you for ratings and recommendations.

We also love traction cleats to slide over running shoes when running on icy trails or just navigating slippery parking lots en route to yoga. Traction cleats are immensely helpful in the Canadian winter. Safety first!

Wireless earbuds are also fabulous for fitness. No wires to worry about. Smartwatches are useful, too, if you’re going to splurge on technology. Juggling your phone at the gym can be tricky, so the combination of a smartwatch and wireless earbuds is brilliant.

After a hard workout, muscle balms provide relief. We offer two natural options: magnesium balm with lavender and our original magnesium chloride balm.

Natural Calm is also a natural muscle relaxant, so consider stocking her stuffing with a bottle. Without enough magnesium, calcium keeps the muscles and nerves in a state of tension – and people who exercise need more magnesium.

Give Differently

Some families sidestep the stress by agreeing on donations instead of material gifts. This is a really beautiful expression of the spirit of the holidays.

It always takes one person to be brave and make the suggestion; to come out and say, “Hey, how do you feel about donations in lieu of gifts this year?”

Chances are, people will be grateful you raised the idea. Shopping is stressful for everyone and even when we’re on the receiving end, accepting gifts involves a kind of stress, too. 

So, if it’s all just feeling like too much  or too empty  remember, you can decide to make this year entirely different.

Give the Gift of CALM

Even the healthiest among us often don’t get enough magnesium and the symptoms of deficiency include stress, poor sleep, heart issues, pain, and more. Nearly everyone on your list could use the gift of Natural Calm.

Classic Natural Calm magnesium comes in five delicious flavours that are sugar-free and all-natural. (It’s like a soothing fruit tea that calms.) There’s also Calmful Sleep, Calm Gummies, and topical magnesium from our Bolton’s Naturals brand.

That’s a wrap! We hope you’ve found tons of inspiration in this Christmas gift guide for her! Here’s to your calmest, most joyful holiday ever.

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