Our Story

Bringing Natural Calm to Canadians since 2005

Starting with just a small wholesale order, I brought Natural Calm to Canada in 2005. Our first customers were independent health stores and people we met at consumer health shows across the country.

I made it my mission to raise awareness of chronic magnesium deficiency among Canadians and how it’s affecting our health.

From personally speaking with tens of thousands of Canadians and hearing their before and after stories, I can tell you that Natural Calm is changing lives.

People who had insomnia are able to sleep. Parents whose children were hyperactive are seeing their kids become calmer. 

Adults who struggled with tension, pain, stress and anxiety and getting relief. And these are just some of the more common symptoms Natural Calm helps to resolve.

Every day, we hear from people of all ages who tell us how their health has been changed by Natural Calm.

Today, we are the exclusive distributors of Natural Calm in Canada.

Backed by thousands of five-star reviews, multiple awards and a groundbreaking clinical study, Natural Calm is truly Canada’s best-tasting, best-absorbing, best-loved magnesium.

If you have any questions, please reach out. We are happy to help you on your health journey.

Every Purchase is a Donation

Did you know that every purchase of Natural Calm in Canada makes a difference in Africa?

When you choose Natural Calm, you can feel great about making the best choice for your body and the world.

We’ve donated over 2 million dollars to help fight world poverty and we’re just getting started.  Read more about our efforts in Africa through Thrive at thriveforgood.org at the link below.


Our Amazing Team

Linda Bolton


For her leadership as Natural Calm Canada's CEO, Linda has been named among the 100 Top Canadian Health Influencers and has ranked for multiple years in the list of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs.

dale bolton

Dale Bolton


The driving force behind Thrive. Together, Dale and Linda made Natural Calm a social enterprise that's doing more to end world poverty than any other supplement company.

Penny Jaundoo

Penny Jaundoo

Managing Director

Penny makes sure our ship runs smoothly. Crosses the Ts and dots the Is. Handles all aspects of our operation with patience and grace. Couldn't do it without her.

Lissy Majluf

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

On the frontlines educating people every day about magnesium. If you have a question about the products, Lissy will get you an answer. Stat.

Dr. Bahram Mihankhah (Ph.D.)

Dr. Bahram Mihankhah (Ph.D.)

Operations and Quality Assurance

Having a strong analytical ability; Bahram leads inventory control management by developing inventory tracking system, inventory level, forecasting, ordering and receiving. As QA manager; he conducts audits in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications including sampling, testing and releasing of all the products.

Shahnaz M Bani

Shahnaz M. Bani

Fulfilment & Shipping Department

Being highly detailed oriented; Shahnaz ensures orders are processed in accordance with our company’s customer service standards and performs order fulfillment process’s including order entry, administration and shipping.

Chad Shears

Chad Shears

Marketing Director

Chad manages everything you see out there from social media, print, advertising, digital, website and tech.

Jeff Catto

Social Media Manager

Jeff is responsible for building the community of Natural Calm across social channels, answering your questions and thinking up new ways to keep you informed about the importance of magnesium.

Maria Roldan

Maria Roldan

Business Development Manager

Maria manages the relationship with our broker and distributor, as well as plans and executes our yearly promotions calendar. She’s a business woman turned Nutritionist so she also helps with product development and training.

Our Values

Our vision is to provide best-in-class natural health products and education so Canadians can live their best lives. We also want to change the world, eradicating poverty by teaching the poor sustainable organic gardening, nutrition, natural medicine and income generation through our non-profit, Thrive.

Excellent Products & Service

We acknowledge a huge responsibility to the Canadians who put their faith in our products. Quality supplements can change our health and our lives. Natural Calm Canada was first founded because we experienced first-hand how this product – then only available in the US – substantially reduced daily pain levels, improved sleep and bone density. And magnesium does much more! But not all magnesium products are created equally. Natural Calm Canada and the makers of our products in the US have a strong and proven commitment to only offering the most absorbable, most effective magnesium. We’re grateful for your loyalty and strive to show it by delivering the best service, too.


We believe business should be conducted with complete honesty, transparency and a commitment to doing what’s right. Integrity guides our relationships with suppliers, partners, the retailers who carry our products and every customer who uses Natural Calm. Telling the whole truth is an important part of integrity and that’s why we strive to understand and share the most rigorous science on natural health and on magnesium, specifically. This moral compass keeps us aligned with doing what’s fair, not just what’s good for business.

Social Justice

We believe it’s our responsibility to help those who have been less fortunate and make the world more fair for everyone. Natural Calm is doing this by focusing on the eradication of extreme poverty. Roughly 836 million people around the world live below the international poverty line of $1.90/day, which is the definition of extreme poverty. People in extreme poverty cannot meet basic needs for food, water, shelter and medicine. That’s why the charity we founded, Thrive (formerly Organics 4 Orphans), equips communities with the knowledge and tools to grow an abundance of nourishing food and cultivate life-saving natural medicines, even if they have little land and limited access to water. By addressing hunger and disease, Thrive makes it possible for those in extreme poverty to go to work, school and care for their children, so they can improve their own futures.