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Ditch the Gatorade! 👎 Choose These 5 Natural Electrolyte Boosters Instead

natural electrolyte boosters

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Do you know electrolytes are important, (even if you don’t fully understand why) but feel hesitant to consume the artificial drinks famous for replenishing them? Would you love to know how to get electrolytes naturally?

You’re onto something.

It’s true: electrolytes matter. They regulate muscle and nerve function, hydration, blood pressure and your body’s pH levels. Deficiencies or imbalances in electrolytes—which include calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, hydrogen phosphate, bicarbonate and chloride—can cause everything from fatigue and muscle cramping to irregular heartbeat and seizures. When we sweat, we lose electrolytes; so it’s important to replace them.

It’s also true that popular sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade, which do contain electrolytes, are full of artificial ingredients and refined sugar.

Fortunately, there are ways to get the electrolytes you need without resorting to these processed products.

Read on to find out more about the importance of maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance in your body, and how to boost electrolytes without consuming unnecessary levels of sugar and artificial ingredients.

Natural Electrolytes in Your Body

Did you know that when you’re born, your body is made up of between 75 and 80% water? This gradually decreases as you age, with an adult’s body made up of 55 to 60% water.

The “water” we’re referring to is more properly described as “fluid”, which contains a number of essential elements including glucose, proteins, cells, and – vitally – electrolytes.

Natural electrolytes each perform different and essential roles in your body’s day-to-day functioning.

For example:

  • Chloride aids in healthy digestion and maintains the right pH levels in your body
  • Magnesium is required for hundreds of diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation
  • Calcium contributes to the essential blood clotting processes and is essential for healthy teeth and bones
  • Potassium aids in regulating heart function and blood pressure, allows for muscle contractions, and transmits nerve impulses
  • Sodium is essential for nerve and muscle function and helps regulate blood pressure

The Problem of Electrolyte Imbalance

While fluctuating electrolyte levels are normal, a significant imbalance in electrolyte levels – caused by not enough or too many minerals in your body – can cause some worrying health problems.

Studies have shown that electrolyte imbalance can cause labored or difficult breathing, while other symptoms of unhealthy electrolyte levels include fluid retention, nausea, chest pain, seizures, muscle weakness, and confusion.

Five Natural Electrolyte Boosters

Luckily, replenishing your body’s stores of electrolytes doesn’t have to involve drinking sugary sports drinks. If you’re wondering how to replenish electrolytes, here are 5 natural electrolyte boosters:

Sea Salt Contains Electrolytes

1. Sea salt

Sodium is one of the electrolytes that we’re quickest to lose through sweat. Luckily, ingesting salt is a quick and easy way to replace what we lose. Salt also contains the electrolytes magnesium, calcium, and potassium; so it’s good for more than just sodium replenishment.

Go for sea salt over table salt because it’s less processed. Himalayan and Celtic sea salts are widely available in most grocery stores. If you’re wondering how to get electrolytes into your system with sea salt, the answer is surprisingly simple: Just put a pinch in your water and drink. It’s that easy.

Boost Electrolytes By Drinking Coconut Water

2. Coconut water

Packed with nutrients and low in sugar, coconut water is a great way to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes, especially potassium. There are a lot of coconut waters on the market. Look for one with minimal ingredients, especially anything that looks artificial.

Harmless Harvest uses only organic coconuts and is never cooked or boiled. Their minimal processing causes some of their coconut waters to turn pink when the antioxidants are exposed to light—it’s still totally safe to drink. If you have access to it, completely unprocessed coconut water, directly from the coconut, is always best!

Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Flavours e1640622857389

3. Natural Calm

Magnesium is one of the most important electrolytes, since being deficient in magnesium can cause insomnia, anxiety, muscle cramping, constipation, and other problems.

Natural Calm is a drinkable magnesium supplement that contains highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium and is considered by many to be the best way to get electrolytes.

Drinking a glass every night before bed is a great way to keep your magnesium levels on track. You can up the dose in hot weather or if you’re exercising a lot. If you’re on the go, Natural Calm Gummies are a quick, tasty way to get this essential electrolyte.

Lemons Are an Electrolyte Booster

4. Lemons

Lemons are the queen of citrus when it comes to electrolytes. They’re a good source of potassium, calcium and magnesium. Add that to their ability to detoxify the liver, balance pH levels, and boost the immune system with vitamin C, and lemons are officially a solid addition to any drink.

If you’re not sure how to add electrolytes to water, simply squeeze a whole lemon into warm or cold water for a sour jolt of electrolytes.

Green Vegetables Are a Natural Source of Electrolytes

5. Green vegetables

No list is complete without a reminder to eat more green vegetables—and electrolyte replenishment is no exception! Leafy greens such as kale, swiss chard, beet greens, bok choy, and spinach are packed with electrolytes. They are especially rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Celery, broccoli, and avocado are good sources as well. You can add an electrolyte punch to any meal by tossing in something green.

Replenish Natural Electrolytes Daily

If you’re sweating a lot, exercising heavily, or out in the sun, you may need to be more conscientious than others when it comes to replacing natural electrolytes.

However, there’s no need to reach for fake, sugar-laden sports drinks. Once again, you can replenish your levels with natural foods and drinks, including Natural Calm magnesium.

Taking Natural Calm daily is wise, too, because our bodies use up magnesium daily. Yet, we need this mineral for hundreds of functions throughout the body, including sleep, muscle relaxation, stress management, energy, and more.

Find your flavour of Natural Calm in the online store or from retailers across Canada.

Replenishing Electrolytes FAQs

What is the best way to replenish electrolytes?

When it comes to staying fit and well, it’s crucial that you’re getting your body’s natural electrolyte levels right. There are numerous natural sources of electrolytes, and magnesium is one of the body’s primary sources of electrolytes. As such, magnesium supplements are the ideal way to create your own homemade electrolyte water or drinks. Not only are these highly effective for replenishing your electrolytes, but they can also be delicious with the right mix!

Are there natural electrolytes?

If you’ve been looking to make your own all-natural electrolyte drink, then starting with an organic magnesium supplement can be one of the best ways to approach this. Natural electrolyte supplements can be created by mixing magnesium supplements – flavored or unflavored – with water. Our range of organic magnesium supplements and powders are hence the ideal way to replenish your body’s electrolyte levels.

Does adding salt to water add electrolytes?

Ensuring a good balance of electrolytes is crucial for good health. Electrolytes include a mix of different salts, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. Adding sea salt to water may be effective in replenishing lost electrolytes, however, this can be incredibly dehydrating. Often, a better (and more enjoyable) option is to make your own homemade electrolyte solution with water and exclusive electrolyte salts.

How can I increase my electrolytes naturally?

Increasing electrolytes naturally is possible with natural electrolyte replacement products, such as our range of premium quality magnesium supplements here at Natural Calm. Magnesium is one of the body’s primary sources of electrolytes, and this means that a mix of magnesium citrate powder and water can create a truly refreshing drink. You can also obtain natural electrolytes from a variety of fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, kale, avocados, coconut, lemons, and bananas.

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