Why Is My Bottle of Natural Calm Magnesium Not Full?

Today we’re addressing a frequently asked question! Why is my Natural Calm container only partly full?

First, let’s talk about those bottles.

All Natural Calm magnesium powder products come in tall, narrow containers. They’re designed that way by the good people at Natural Vitality in the US for specific reasons. Space on store shelves is at a premium, so taller containers work better than short, wide ones.

When you open your Natural Calm magnesium and peer inside, what do you see? Magnesium powder at the bottom and air at the top.

If there’s space at the top of the bottle, why don’t we just use a shorter bottle?

There’s a very good reason… and it’s not because bigger containers sell better!

No, if we could fit Natural Calm into a shorter bottle, we’d save money on shipping and packaging.

Quite simply, we can’t fit Natural Calm into smaller bottles!

To explain, let’s start at the place where magnesium magic is made…

Natural Vitality uses a proprietary process to make magnesium citrate, one of the most absorbable forms of this essential mineral. It comes as a powder because powder dissolves well in liquid – and we know the more dissolvable a magnesium, the better absorbed!

When the powder is first mixed, it’s very fluffy! That’s because the mix gets aerated in the process of creation. In fact, it’s so fluffy, the team at Natural Vitality has to use a special tool to press the right amount of Natural Calm into the bottle.

The contents of every bottle are weighed because…

Natural Calm is sold by weight, not volume!

Natural Calm magnesium comes in three sizes: 113 grams (4 oz), 226 grams (8 oz) and 452 grams (16 oz). Some specialty products, like Calmful Sleep and Calm Balance, only come in the smallest size.

Chances are you’ve noticed the “sold by weight, not by volume” message on a label. That’s exactly how Natural Calm is sold. It’s common for packaged good because the customer gets a consistent amount of product for their money.

With powdered products, settling will definitely occur!

You’re probably also familiar with the term, “some settling may occur”. With Natural Calm, settling is guaranteed to occur.

In the process of packing, shipping, unpacking and stocking shelves, that fluffy magnesium powder settles. It becomes denser. The air between the particles rises to the top of the bottle and the heavier magnesium settles to the bottom.

Over time, that means the bottle of Natural Calm is no longer full.

Think about your cereal box, for example. Cereal is denser than Natural Calm but it still settles in the process of shipping. When you open your muesli or Fruit Loops (hopefully not!) you’ll find air at the top. All those pieces of cereal have settled into a tighter configuration because — well, because of gravity!

All this to say…

Your Natural Calm bottle isn’t half-empty – it’s half full!

Rest assured, if you buy 452 grams of Natural Calm magnesium, you’re getting it!

But this raises a question you may not have thought of…

On your package of Natural Calm, you’ll find the approximate weight, in grams, per teaspoon.  However, when you measure out your dose of Natural Calm, you measure it by volume. You use a teaspoon. You don’t weigh out 2-4 grams.

So how much magnesium are you getting?

Natural Vitality has calculated the grams per serving based on the average density of the product by the time it reaches the consumer and is fully settled.

That’s how we can estimate the number of servings per bottle of Natural Calm.

We actually measure out the servings of any new Natural Calm product when we receive our first sample here in Canada.

Take Calm Balance, for example. It was brand new in 2018 and a more complicated formula, with a combination of vitamins, minerals and an amino acid. All of these ingredients have a different density.

So, when the first bottle arrived, we painstakingly measured it out, teaspoon by teaspoon, to come up with 31 servings of two teaspoons per day.

Servings, weight, volume — what really matters?

Deciding whether your supplement delivers value for money comes down to what you get out of it – not just what’s in the bottle!

A huge container full of magnesium that’s not absorbable isn’t great value!

But we know Natural Calm’s magnesium citrate is one of the most absorbable forms on the market – based on a clinical trial. Which means you can get better results using less product!

Plus, depending on your body size and personal needs, you might use more or less than the recommended daily serving.

With Natural Calm magnesium, you can gauge the value by how you feel. Do you feel less stressed and anxious? Do you sleep better? Are you regular… without being too regular? Is your tension and pain relieved?

When you feel the difference Natural Calm is making, you’re probably getting the right amount.

What price can you put on feeling amazing?

If you take one teaspoon or two a day, you’re typically paying between $0.30 and $0.60 a day to prevent multiple symptoms of magnesium deficiency!

And while, yes, the bottle size is a frustration, we hope you agree: for that feeling of well-being, Natural Calm is great value!

Please let us know if you have other questions about Natural Calm. We’re here to help!

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