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Neck Tension Relief Tips: What I Do When I Can’t Get a Massage

Magnesium Chloride Spray For Tight Muscles

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I have a massage therapist in Oakville who is a magician. Diane Deinstadt combines the power to induce a state of half-sleep while simultaneously crushing tension!

A year after our first boy was born, I became a devotee. He was a big baby and always wanted “Up! Up! Up!” Constant lifting and carrying destroyed my neck. When it seized to the point where checking my blind spot became a matter of turning from the hips, I knew I needed help. Thus began a long and happy custom of seeing Diane monthly.

Last October we had a second boy, and this baby was none too pleased when I’d step out for an hour. Who can relax at even the best massage knowing their child is screaming at home? I put my appointments with Diane on hold.

Of course, the old tension returned. I could feel the pieces of my neck settling into a kind of rigor mortis. But what to do?

Linda recommended topical magnesium chloride. I was a sceptic, but thought it worth a shot. Before bed I sprayed my upper shoulders and neck.

With tingling skin, I called it a night. By morning, the warning signs in my neck were gone. I was loose.

Magnesium Chloride Spray is now part of my evening ritual. I love that it only takes five seconds and works so well.

My husband uses it too for chronic low-back issues. I think he’s as surprised as I was at its efficacy.

When things settle I fully intend to go back for massage – this is an interim measure. For now, though, it’s great to know I can skip my appointments and still be functional.

If you have someone at home who’s willing to palpate your muscles, you might like the Magnesium Gel. It’s formulated for massage. Massage therapists, take note! You could double your efficacy by using the gel with clients.

I hope this tip brings you and your family closer to perfect health!  Let us know if you have any questions or personal experiences with magnesium and muscle pain.

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