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“Our 4 year-old son has been in and out of hospital for testing for 2+ years now, he has been misdiagnosed a couple of times and tried on different medications that seemed to mask symptoms and make him extremely hyper. He is a high energy child anyhow. We recently received an autism diagnosis for him, and since then we have started him on Natural Calm on a daily basis. We use it once a day, 1 teaspoon in the evening prior to bedtime. It helps keep him settled down so that he has a good night’s rest and he is calm and focused through the following day. Since starting with Natural Calm, he feels better, he is more relaxed and he looks better. We currently use the original flavored powder for him, that way he doesn’t really taste it and fight taking it. We also use the cherry flavored powder in yogurt if he is not wanting to drink the powder. I would highly recommend Natural Calm!!!”