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I’ve been meaning to email since 2018.   Thank you for your amazing product.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Your magnesium helped save my sons life.  We lost our daughter at 20 weeks gestation when I went into labour that couldn’t be stopped. With our son we had so many doctors not helping.  When I went into labour and started to dilate at 21 weeks gestation they wouldn’t give me anything to stop labour.  I had to force them to send me to the city to get help from a high risk specialist.   Before I was flown 8 hours away I started taking your magnesium powder.  I had taken calm years before because of the purity of the product.  So when my mom ran to the health food store to buy the best product we knew which one to grab.  I took the max dose of magnesium allowed in pregnancy and it stopped my labour.  When I was in the city I ended up getting a stitch to hold my baby in but was still crampy.  If I missed a dose of calm the cramps would get worse.  Because of your magnesium and the stitch and my stubbornness to save our sons life he lasted till 27 weeks gestation.  He cried when he was born and he fought for his life.  Many months in the nicu and one surgery but he is now a healthy 19 month old.  He was 2lbs at birth and is now 26lbs. Every time I see your calm magnesium I feel grateful that there was a product I had no second guessing about taking while pregnant.  I am not good at words but I hope this letter brings some joy to you in these unprecedented times.   Your magnesium stopped my labour! Helped save my son!  I am forever grateful for calm!!
Please don’t ever stop producing this product!