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Natural Calm
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Natural Calm is a MULTI-AWARD-WINNING magnesium

Magnesium helps with stress, sleep, pain relief, heart health & more

Tension, irritability, restless nights… 

Body pain, muscle cramps, headaches, and migraines…

Sound familiar? These are all signs of low magnesium.

This essential mineral doesn’t just make us feel calmer, more rested, and ready to take on the day. 

Magnesium is also key for heart health and total wellness for men, women, and children of all ages.

discover why natural calm is the better magnesium

Great Tasting Natural Fruit Flavours

Natural Calm is a habit you’ll love to keep — because it’s delicious.

Natural Calm magnesium powders are made with organic fruit flavours and sweetened with stevia. 

Drink it like a soothing tea, add it to cold water, smoothies, or juice.

Unlike other powders, there’s no chalkiness, and no lumps, so even picky adults and kids love to take Natural Calm. 

natural calm fruit flavours
clinically proven more absorbable badge

Clinically Proven More Absorbable Magnesium

Magnesium only matters if it gets to your bloodstream. Yet, not all supplements are absorbable.

Natural Calm’s proprietary ionic formulas are made with the most absorbable magnesium available.

In fact, Natural Calm magnesium has been proven more absorbable than other leading supplements in a clinical trial.

Backed by More 5-Star Reviews

Natural Calm is backed by tens of thousands of five-star reviews in Canada and the US.

Year after year, it’s the #1 selling magnesium powder in North America. That’s because there’s simply no other magnesium that tastes and works so well.

5 stars

Excellent taste

“This tastes so good that my kids ask for it every night! They are very picky, so I’m glad to be able to easily get all this goodness into them! I make it as a hot drink for myself before bed. 

My daughter and son both get leg cramps and my son is diagnosed ADD so sometimes winding down from the day is very challenging for him. This has helped them both to settle in for bedtime and it’s a product I can feel good about giving them and myself.”

— GAST, reviewer
5 stars

 3rd time ordering! This is the best one!!

“It took me few months to find the right magnesium product and this is the one for me. I love the powder as you can adjust the dose yourself to suit your needs. 

My husband and I both love it and is part of our daily routine. 

We drink it in the evening before bedtime. It has helped me greatly with my metabolism and energy levels. Enjoy!”

— Bonnie, reviewer
5 stars

Love your Calmful Sleep

“I love your natural calm – calmful sleep drink! It works so great for me. I’ve got my husband, mom, and mother-in-law all taking it and they say it helps them all sleep. 

I work night shifts at the hospital and have been telling my co-workers, who have trouble sleeping about it. I know once they try it they’ll love it too!”

— Sarah N.
5 stars

Buy NOW!!!

“Within 10 mins of drinking Calm, I can feel my chest tightness lessen, my breathing slows down and my thoughts stop racing. 

I also take it before bed at times and find that I have a much restful sleep and feel rested in the mornings. Bonus, I love the flavor.” 

— TheGladiatorsCrew,

Discover Natural Calm Pure Magnesium

Our best-selling original, gummies, magnesium for kids, and sleep formulas

Natural Calm


Four Organic Fruit Flavours & Unflavoured
The original, multi-award-winning formula. Natural Calm boosts magnesium levels while delivering a calming experience you can feel.

Natural Calm


Organic Raspberry-Lemon & Orange Flavours
The better magnesium in a delicious gummy.  Vegan, gluten-free & less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Natural Calm


Organic Wildberry Flavour
natural calm sleep
A naturally relaxing nighttime drink for extra sleep support. Formulated with magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate, l-theanine, GABA, and melatonin.

Natural Calm


Best-Selling Organic Raspberry Lemon Flavour
natural calm kids
The original formula with dosing for kids. Natural Calm boosts kids’ magnesium levels while helping them to get calm, naturally.
nv laura1 banner

Even More Reasons to Love Natural Calm

mix natural calm
natural calm is so easy to take

It’s fun to make Natural Calm and watch it fizz. 

Just add Natural Calm magnesium to a 1/4 cup of hot (preferably boiling) water, let fizz and enjoy! You can then add cool water or add it to juice! Our Natural Calm magnesium powders dissolve fast in hot water and become ionic magnesium citrate. 

It’s never been easier to manage stress, release tension, and calm your mind.

Natural & Verified Pure

product features

Since 1982, Natural Calm magnesium has been sourced from deep in the sea. 

Natural Vitality (the US makers of CALM) combines magnesium with citric acid from sugar beets, to form magnesium citrate when taken as a drink. 

We use only organic flavours. There are no preservatives, artificial colour, or artificial sweeteners in our magnesium. 

Natural Calm powders are sweetened with the herb, Stevia. Gummies contain just 1 gram of sugar.

Banff Linda abd Dale powder

Brought to You by One of Canada’s Top Health Influencers

Natural Calm has been loved and trusted in the US since 1982. 

But it wasn’t available in Canada until 2005 when Linda Bolton took a chance on a supplement that changed her life.

Since then, Linda established Natural Calm Canada as a social enterprise, co-founded Thrive for Good, and has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs and a TOP 100 Canadian Health Influencer. 

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