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Natural Calm Magnesium Media Mentions

lady holding cup of natural calm magnesium

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Natural Calm magnesium has been featured in hundreds of Canadian newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV channels. Here is a selection of media mentions of Natural Calm magnesium.

Breakfast TV

Listen to Linda Bolton sharing on City TV how Natural Calm Canada started with the simple discovery of how it helps with severe migraines. Find out how Natural Calm Canada funds Organics 4 Orphans. Learn how Linda, as a nurse, saw magnesium used in hospitals for heart attack, stroke and other acute events, and how Natural Calm magnesium can help each of us, every day. Click the link for the interview.

Magnesium 101 on Breakfast TV

linda bolton on magnesium 101

The Hub, Fall 2017 edition

Approximately 3 million Canadians will struggle with an anxiety disorder in their lifetime.

In this article published in The Hub, Fall 2017, Dr. Alison Smith discusses the importance of magnesium in downgrading anxiety, from a neurological perspective. A variety of practitioners weigh in on the importance of magnesium for anxiety from their clinical experience.

anxiety and magnesium

The Hub, CHFA Special 2017

When we introduced Calmful Sleep in Canada, we knew we needed to educate people on the naturally effective ingredients in this sleep-specific supplement. That’s why we published an in-depth, scientific article in the HUB, a magazine aimed at clinical health professionals.

You can view the full-length article here. Or, click the link below to download the PDF.

HUB Insomnia Research Article (pdf)

HUB Insomnia article

IHR Magazine

Read how Canadian actress, Sitara Hewitt, discovered Natural Calm when she was experiencing major health issues. Today, Sitara recommends our product for stress and anxiety – so much so that she had done work as our spokesperson.

sitara hewitt

The Home News cites Natural Calm magnesium as a solution for winter headaches. Magnesium aids in the production of serotonin and vitamin D (low for many in winter), relaxes muscles, blood vessels and nerves, and reduces inflammation, targeting multiple sources of headache.

home news

Vogue Magazine

Typically, we only share Canadian media here. But this is Vogue! Yes, Natural Calm was written up in Vogue magazine (and doesn’t that bottle look chic?) as a celebrity favourite and The Anti-Stress Drink. Because it’s stressful being glamorous!


Tuja Wellness

According to Tuja, “Natural Calm, Canada’s magnesium citrate powder is the best (and tastiest) way to ensure we’re getting enough of this important mineral. We love it for its fast-acting, effective nature, but we absolutely dig it for all the ways it helps keep us healthy.”

Tuja Wellness

Chick Advisor Website

“89% of Chicks Dig It” according to this Natural Calm product review. Click the link to read details on the reviews.

chicks dig it

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