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Natural Calm for Kids Reviews

Natural Calm Kids Reviews

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Recently, we posted about different ways to serve your kids the magnesium they need to stay regular, healthy, and happy. 

Why is it so important for kids to get their magnesium? Well, unsurprisingly, that depends on individuals. However, childhood constipation is much more prevalent than many parents think, and can be quickly and easily remedied with a yummy and absorbable magnesium supplement like Natural Calm

Other health complications such as magnesium deficiency, trouble focusing, trouble sleeping, or muscle soreness can be eased with magnesium supplementation for kids…

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some real-life stories of how Natural Calm magnesium has helped kiddies to live well:

“helps my autistic son with sleep, anxiety, and digestion”

“This helps my autistic son with sleep, anxiety, and digestion. Can’t recommend it enough. Talk to your child’s doctor first, but I think it could be helpful for any child, but especially those with troubles listed above. I also take an adult version myself and it helps with headaches and lots of other things.”

Cait W

“a complete change with my son’s sleep”

“Just wanted to let you know that we have seen a complete change with my son’s sleep. The leg cramps have vanished and he is (knocking on wood while typing) sleeping through the night. I know you get it; it really does feel like a miracle.”

Stephanie R.

“helps my daughter both with her behaviour, sleep better and improves bathroom patterns”

“Thanks for your incredible products! I have been completely convinced with the calm products. The kid calm helps my daughter both with her behavior, sleep better and improves bathroom patterns. My son does not need it daily as he is very regular but on the odd occasion when he gets constipated I offer him a dose and the next day he is back to normal. I too take the calm daily which helps keep my bathroom routine regular.”


“helps keep him settled down so that he has a good night’s rest and he is calm and focused”

“Our 4 year-old son has been in and out of hospital for testing for 2+ years now, he has been misdiagnosed a couple of times and tried on different medications that seemed to mask symptoms and make him extremely hyper. He is a high energy child anyhow. We recently received an autism diagnosis for him, and since then we have started him on Natural Calm on a daily basis. We use it once a day, 1 teaspoon in the evening prior to bedtime. It helps keep him settled down so that he has a good night’s rest and he is calm and focused through the following day. Since starting with Natural Calm, he feels better, he is more relaxed and he looks better. We currently use the original flavored powder for him, that way he doesn’t really taste it and fight taking it. We also use the cherry flavored powder in yogurt if he is not wanting to drink the powder. I would highly recommend Natural Calm!!!”

Sherry C.V.

“more focused, has fewer tummy issues, fewer behaviours, sleeps better”

“We use Natural Calm for our son who has Autism. It’s amazing for our little guy. He is more focused, has fewer tummy issues, fewer behaviours, sleeps better and looks healthier. Thank you!”

Pamela D.T.

“made an enormous difference in both our lives”

“My son and I both suffer from anxiety. His to the point where he’s been diagnosed with inattentive ADD. This product has made an enormous difference in both our lives.”

Tracy M.

“a staple with my family night time routine”

“Calmful Sleep has been a staple with my family night time routine for years. Such a great product!” 

Lindsey M.

“my go-to for sleep aid”

“Calmful Sleep is my go-to for sleep aid. My whole family takes it right before bed.” 

Rachel G

“usually out within 15-20 minutes after taking it”

“I give my son half a teaspoon and he is usually out within 15-20 minutes after taking it. Sometimes it would take him an hour with his restless legs with multiple times of leg rubs for growing pains. LIFE SAVER.” 

Barb L

“sleep, digestion, focus, and anxiety”

“I have been giving my 4 year old son Natural Calm Kids for about a year and it’s changed our lives so positively. He is autistic and has troubles with sleep, digestion, focus, and anxiety as part of it. Recently his diagnosis was changed to “high functioning autism” and he is able to go to mainstream school which we didn’t think could be possible. I think Natural Calm had a big part in helping him get to this point, so thank you for this amazing product!!”

Kate W.

“Huge improvement in ADHD symptoms”

“My son was diagnosed with ADHD and we put him on a stimulant medication under the advice of his pediatrician. After a few months he developed really bad side effects, including tics and stuttering. I immediately took him off. After reading up on natural alternatives to treat his ADHD, I decided to try the CALM magnesium, along with a really good quality omega-3. After a couple months we saw a huge improvement! My son has now been on this combination for almost a year and is completely different child. His teachers send home notes on a frequent basis letting us know how much his behaviour has changed and he is now able to get all his work done in class now. Please give this a try before medicating your child. This product has definitely changed his life!”


“Highly recommend for focus”

“This has changed my 7 year old grandsons life. He focuses in school and is doing great. He is way calmer than he was and less aggressive .Ty so much for this amazing product. He was diagnosed with ADHD and natural calm works as good as meds and the best part it’s natural. I would highly recommend it. Give it a try you won’t be sorry.”


“Sleeps through the night without leg pain”

“My five year old has been suffering with growing pains for well over a year now. A friend suggested trying calm and gave me some samples. It’s made an enormous difference!!! She now sleeps through the night without waking up from the leg pains. I ordered a big bottle of the cherry flavoured one, she loves it. Thank you so much. This product has made a huge difference in our family.”


“Calmful Sleep saved my family!”

“My friend recommended that I try this for my son. He was miserable!! He couldn’t fall asleep at night, had a hard time staying asleep, and the sleep he was getting wasn’t nearly long or restful enough. It was making home life unbearable and was starting to affect his school work. We’d been to the pediatrician, done sleep studies and tried other supplements in the past. We tried meditation and straight melatonin which gave him really bad headaches. Cannot explain how thankful I am for this product! My son is a completely different person, he’s so much happier, he wakes up every morning well rested and looks forward to going to school. Calmful sleep has literally saved my family!”

What about you? Have your kids tried Natural Calm? We’d love to hear your stories! Drop us a line here, in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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