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Magnesium Myths vs Science: Debunking Marketing Claims

About magnesium myths and science with Alison Smith

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In this series of short videos, Dr Alison Smith, PhD (Neuroscience) and award-winning health blogger, debunks myths associated with magnesium.

She takes on marketing claims that are unfounded in science and shares what the clinical research really says about the types of magnesium that are most absorbable.

It’s amazing how marketing claims can skew the science.

Now you know that there is no research supporting claims that magnesium glycinate, bisglycinate, or any other chelate is a more absorbable form. If anything the research suggests that magnesium citrate has the advantage.

But remember: there is no published clinical research comparing these two popular forms – magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate.  If anyone tells you otherwise, you can point them here or check out our white paper.

At Natural Calm, we’re committed to truth in marketing. If you ever have questions about health statements we make, contact us. We want to support a fair, fact-based playing field and make it easier for Canadians to choose supplements based on credible research

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