How Long Will A Bottle of Natural Calm Last?

How long will a bottle of Natural Calm last?

The American dollar is driving up prices of nearly everything here, including Natural Calm. You’ll see this across the board, whether your favourite brands are made in the US, or include US ingredients: costs are on the rise and so are prices.

You may be starting to ask questions about value. ‘Is this purchase really worth the new price?’

One way to look at your purchase is in terms of cost per serving.

A large (16 oz) bottle of Natural Calm magnesium powder is 454 grams. Each serving is one teaspoon, or 2.5 grams, and delivers 205 mg of magnesium. A bit of quick math tells us there are 182 servings in one large bottle.

What does that mean for you?

It depends on how many servings your household uses daily.

Here are a few scenarios.

1 Teaspoon Per Day

Let’s say you’re aiming for 400 mg of magnesium a day, but you get a good amount from your diet. You eat nuts, seeds, legumes, cacao, whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables every day, sufficient to meet about half your daily requirement.

So, you take 1 tsp of Natural Calm daily to make up the 200 mg difference.

At this rate, your large bottle of Natural Calm will last about 182 days. That’s half a year – which means you’re likely paying only about $10/month!

To judge the value, ask yourself: ‘Is the price I paid for this one bottle of Natural Calm worth half a year of good sleep, stress relief, healthy muscles, nerves – and more?’

Chances are that money was more than well-spent.

Two Teaspoons Per Day

Let’s say you take 1 tsp twice a day, because your magnesium needs are higher and you just aren’t getting enough from your diet.

Or, maybe you share the bottle with one other adult, and you both take 1 tsp/day.

At this rate a large bottle will last you three months. That’s still just $20/month.

What If The Whole Family Takes Natural Calm?

How much Natural Calm does your family use every day?

Maybe you and your partner take more than that 1 tsp per day, or maybe your children use Natural Calm, too. Once you know that 1 tsp is 2.5 grams, and there are 454 grams in a large bottle, the calculation is easy.

Here’s a typical scenario:

  • two adults taking 1 tsp/day each
  • two children taking ¼ tsp/day each

A large bottle will last this family just over 70 days. That’s about ten weeks.

If you paid, with tax, $60 or more for that large bottle, that’s still less than $1/day to keep your whole family magnesium-sufficient.

Calm, rested parents; kids who are relaxed and sleep well…if it were only these benefits, Natural Calm would still be worth it. But the benefits of a highly-absorbable magnesium supplement go far beyond.

Value from a Health Perspective

We all have to adjust our budgets as prices rise.

If health is one of your top priorities, you’ll want to find those savings by cutting out luxuries that detract from your health: drink a little less coffee (especially sugar-laden coffee shop treats), cut back on junk food and fast food, eat vegetarian more often…these are great ways to save, and you’ll feel better too!

Tell us, have you done the calculation for yourself? What is Natural Calm costing you every day?

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