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This helps my autistic son with sleep, anxiety, and digestion. Can’t recommend it enough. Talk to your child’s doctor first, but I think it could be helpful for any child, but especially those with troubles listed above. I also take an adult version myself and it helps with headaches and lots of other things.

Cait W

I tried Naural Calm for free. My doctor recommended magnesium supplements after pain meds were failing, so I googled and came across naturalcalm ca, and I was very surprised at how well it works. I was a little taken aback by the effervescentness, i didnt expect it to bubble up and the first try it mostly ended up on the counter, but I figured it out. Cherry is my favorite flavour. After drinking it, I found by the next day I was more capable of moving my legs and my back wasn’t hurting as bad, it also cleared up my brain fog. Its a great product and it tastes great too. I will purchase and recommend.

Sheena D

Have been using your product about 4 years for medical reasons. It helped me get off of a horrible, long-termed, prescribed (by specialist) laxative PEG. Terrible side effects.

I do not want to mislead anyone as I use 3 tsp of your product per day in a.m. supplemented throughout the day with mag citrate capsules. My problem is severe.

I have had to go the ‘trial & error’ route in order to avoid prescribed Restoralax (3x recommended dose per day) which by the way, should only be used for 6 days. I was put on it to use for the rest of my life by a gastroenterologist. After 2 years of Restoralax (Miralax in USA) and all of its nightmarish side effects, I started experimenting and eventually found your product thru the Miralax Yahoo website. These are people (adults & kids) that have suffered severe side effects from the product. It seems that it may penetrate the blood brain barrier.

Natural Calm has also helped with my irregular heartbeat.


This stuff is a lifesaver. I was rattled from lack of sleep, forgetting a lot and worried about my memory and sleep aids left me groggy all day he next day. I’ve experienced none with this product and can’t imagine life without it now.

Kathy Krakenberg

I have to tell you my experience with the gel.  I have had extreme pain in my left leg for some time – never getting an answer from my doctor as to why.

I had a Bakers cyst in my left leg & I also developed pain in my left knee leading to knee replacement in February 2014.  I was told the Baker’s cyst would likely disappear after surgery.  Well, it never did go away & I thought this was the cause of the pain in my leg.  By November 2017 I had full-blown pain from my ankle up to about 4 inches above the bend in the back of my leg.  Of course, it affects the way a person walks & that causes pain in the back & more & more pain.  This is the reason I had to find an answer.

One day I Googled a question where could I go next if my doctor can’t help.  There were people who talked about the same symptoms I had & someone mentioned magnesium oil.   So I did research on that.  I thought I would give it a try so I went to Nutters on a Friday afternoon & bought some Mag Therapy mag gel.  When I got home I put some on my leg twice before bed.  I persistently put it on for the next few days at least 3 times a day.  By Monday morning I was pain-free & have been since.  I can hardly believe it.  I tell my story to everyone who mentions they are in pain & hope they get the relief I got.  Thank you so much.  Wish I had discovered this sooner.

Mae B.

I love your natural calm – calmful sleep drink! It works so great for me. I’ve got my husband, mom and mother in-law all taking it and they say it helps them all sleep. I work night shifts at the hospital and have been telling my co-workers, who have trouble sleeping about it. I know once they try it they’ll love it too!

Sarah N.

I use Calm to relax my body to be able to sleep, it does wonders for my life.,great product.

Joan LeMay

For 4 months I was suffering from insomnia, having troubles falling to sleep, then waking at 3 am .. and I get up at 5:30. So exhaustion,  and frustration set in. And I was getting cramps in my foot and legs. Upon a suggestion from a coworker I tried your Natural Calm, and had a real good sleep right from the first night and cramping has went away too !!


I have been giving my 4 year old son Natural Calm Kids for about a year and it’s changed our lives so positively. He is autistic and has troubles with sleep, digestion, focus, and anxiety as part of it. Recently his diagnosis was changed to “high functioning autism” and he is able to go to mainstream school which we didn’t think could be possible. I think Natural Calm had a big part in helping him get to this point, so thank you for this amazing product!!

Kate W.

I wanted to take the time to write you to let you know that as a sufferer of fibromyalgia, I have always had ongoing body spasms but recently, they got really bad and a friend of mine recommended your product (the one you put in water and drink) and within 2 days my spasms CONSIDERABLY decreased. I had previously tried the magnesium gel product (from another brand) and it point blank, sucked. Thanks for making this product!! I’ll be recommending it to other sufferers I know.


I do my art in relation to multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and also noticed that when I got off all of my meds (except thyroid and estrogen) the only magnesium I could use was CALM. I tell everyone about it. It helps me sleep, with pain, and so much more, including my MCS to a certain point.

Marie LeBlanc

(Posted with permission from Brian, who submitted this testimonial by email.)

After searching for a remedy for the terrible leg cramps that I’ve been experiencing for several years I stumbled upon Natural Calm.

When I looked at the website I realized that I may suffer from magnesium deficiency since I have many of the symptoms. I have had two terrible kidney stones in the last three years.

So I purchased your product. I have been using it for three weeks. I have not experienced leg cramps in that time. That’s not entirely unusual that I’d go that long, but typically I’d get one or two.

However, I have also experienced other benefits that I didn’t expect.

Normally my digestive system is a little unusual. I will only pass solids about every three days and I feel kind of bloated and uncomfortable by the third day. Now I’m regular! I don’t feel bloated. I’ve lost weight as well.

My back doesn’t ache as much. I have a chronic problem with my back. It’s a serious condition related to rheumatoid arthritis but the last three weeks are as good as it’s been in a long time. I also have a problem with my knee and it’s not hurting as much. The knee problem is muscular in nature.

I also feel a general sense of being more relaxed and less stressed and just feel better overall!

It’s all quite remarkable. I don’t normally purchase supplements or natural remedies because I’m very sceptical but this is truly amazing!

Brian J. (Bracebridge)

I purchased this for my husband mostly because he isn’t a big vegetable eater, has pain in his shoulders etc. I started him out on 1 tsp at night then after about 5 days have him taking 2. HE STOPPED SNORING!!!!!! I actually thought he was dead the other night because I couldn’t hear him. (We believe he has sleep apnea but he hasn’t been tested yet) He now wakes up feeling rested instead of still being tired. I wasn’t expecting that. It has only been about 1-1/2 weeks though so waiting for more results.

Micheline Gregoire

I just started using this product 2 nights ago after struggling with Restless Legs – and little sleep as a result – for the past month and a half. It kicked in the first night and I couldn’t be happier ! 1tspn did the trick


I have been using your product Natural Calm Magnesium – Lemon – ¾ tsp in 1 cup hot water as my nightly tea since about 2010.  Recently I went to have a Quantum Biofeedback Scan done on the status of my overall health.  I was told that I could also bring the supplements etc. I’m regularly consuming to test for effectiveness and bioavailability.  I brought all 12 of my supplements and food items taken regularly.

Quantum Biofeedback score of approx. 80 – 100 being ideal, some of the products gave me low scores such as 37 – 45 etc.. while others were 85 – 95 etc.  My QB score for the Natural Calm Magnesium was 105 – which as the technicial explained was optimal for my body, and good to continue taking.  It shows that it’s a very good product, bioavailable and effective.  Thank you so much for producing such an excellent product!


K. Stewart

Just wanted to let you know that we have seen a complete change with my son’s sleep. The leg cramps have vanished and he is (knocking on wood while typing) sleeping through the night. I know you get it; it really does feel like a miracle.

Stephanie R.

I have Crohns Disease and Ankylosing spondylitis for the past 20 years. Today is my first day using Magnesium Chloride Liquid. Wish me luck, hoping for a difference.

Leigh-Ann Gunn

I have been using calm for the past 3 months and I’m amazed at the amazing benefits. I sleep better and my digestion has been fabulous. My naturopath recommended it and she was spot on. A must try for everyone.

Flora Hoffman

Love the mag. Helps wonderfully with aches, pains and sleep.

Eric Allen

I had severe ankle/shin splints and couldn’t sleep from the pain. I used it at night and it’s gone!!! I take this every day!!!


This product is amazing! Helped with my digestion, stress level, and really keeps me CALM! I highly recommend it!!!


Great product. Been taking it for years.


I have used natural calm over 10 years. Great product. Helps me sleep.


This product changed my life. Kicked a 10 yr habit with Gravol as a sleep aid.  Two containers later I was free and clean of sleep aids entirely.

Michele York

I use this every day, for several years, before bed. It helps calm me for sleep. Magnesium also helps muscle soreness and body functioning. I love it and can tell if I miss a night. It’s the best! Only this brand too.

Beth Aitken

Using Natural Calm since 2011 – notice improvement in digestion, anxiety, etc., etc. Great product.


When I am excited my body uses a lot of magnesium! I have small muscles twitching. I was taking many kinds of magnesium and the twitching was still there. Once I tried CALM magnesium, the twitching was GONE! It’s very well absorbed. Excellent product!


Caroline Dean said magnesium gives energy, so I tried it – and zoom went the energy. Please change the name from CALM and play up the 300 other aspects.  I sure didn’t realize the energy component.

I love the calm! It relaxes my body as well as any tensions and aids me in getting an amazing and calmmmmm sleep:)

Sandra Lesniak

Helps me sleep.

Joanne Grale

The miracle supplement for a good night’s sleep!

Lisa Ponizova

I have been using Natural Calm for almost 10 years and got my whole family on it. It has helped with sleep, leg cramps, anxiety etc.


Natural Calm is very beneficial with leg cramps and to prevent waking up in the middle of the night.


I have been taking CALM for over 10 yrs and I love it, can’t live without it.

Luciana Di Felice

Wonderful product for sleeping & relaxing.

Audrey Rose

Keeps me well rested, energized and happy! 🙂

P Muzzi

Thanks for the awesome poops! You guys rock!


I lead a super stressful life. Calm helps me Calm down, relax and sleep soundly.

Patricia Frazier

Magnesium helps to reduce and almost eliminate heart PVCs (premature ventricular contractions).


Veronica Key

I take Natural Calm to prevent night leg cramps. It really helps.


Helps with my restless leg syndrome and sleep. Thanks!


Great sleep & very calming.


Feeling awesome since I have taken this amazing magnesium brand! Thank you.

Zinnia Crawford

“Thanks for your incredible products! I have been completely convinced with the calm products. The kid calm helps my daughter both with her behavior, sleep better and improves bathroom patterns. My son does not need it daily as he is very regular but on the odd occasion when we gets constipated I offer him a dose and the next day he is back to normal. I too take the calm daily which helps keep my bathroom routine regular.”


“I’m absolutely amazed at how well the Magnesium Chloride Liquid works when I have any issues with my muscles. Having back and neck issues, getting a massage with the spray instead of any other oil really reduces the pain factor the next day. Once again, THANK YOU!”

Rachel Taylor

“I used Magnesium Liquid on my legs, hips and lower back when training for my first marathon at the age of 48. The difference it made was significant. It helped my sore, tight muscles to relax after my training runs so that I could go out again the next day. I have no doubt I would not have been able to complete the marathon if it was not for using the oil to help me recover each day. Great product!”

John Halbert

“Natural Calm is the best thing our family had done for peace of mind and sanity at night. We have two young children and it really works well with them. Gives them a good night’s sleep and they just feel better. They like it so much that they ask for it with their vitamins at night. Thank you for showing me this product.”

Katherine C. Diamond Bar

“Thanks for your incredible products! I have been completely convinced with the calm products. The kid calm helps my daughter both with her behavior, sleep better and improves bathroom patterns. My son does not need it daily as he is very regular but on the odd occasion when we gets constipated I offer him a dose and the next day he is back to normal. I too take the calm daily which helps keep my bathroom routine regular.”

Lorraine and Kevin C.

“Our 4 year-old son has been in and out of hospital for testing for 2+ years now, he has been misdiagnosed a couple of times and tried on different medications that seemed to mask symptoms and make him extremely hyper. He is a high energy child anyhow. We recently received an autism diagnosis for him, and since then we have started him on Natural Calm on a daily basis. We use it once a day, 1 teaspoon in the evening prior to bedtime. It helps keep him settled down so that he has a good night’s rest and he is calm and focused through the following day. Since starting with Natural Calm, he feels better, he is more relaxed and he looks better. We currently use the original flavored powder for him, that way he doesn’t really taste it and fight taking it. We also use the cherry flavored powder in yogurt if he is not wanting to drink the powder. I would highly recommend Natural Calm!!!”

Sherry C.V.

“We use Natural Calm for our son who has Autism. It’s amazing for our little guy. He is more focused, has fewer tummy issues, fewer behaviors, sleeps better and looks healthier. Thank you!”

Pamela D.T.

“My son and I both suffer from anxiety. His to the point where he’s been diagnosed with inattentive ADD. This product has made an enormous difference in both our lives.”

Tracy M.

“I have been on Natural Calm for 25 years…could not live without it.”

Denise E.D.

“My de-stress is taking Natural Calm before bedtime. It makes me so relaxed that I have a great sleep. I would be lost without it. I’ll never go without it in my life. I love it!”

Barb C.

“I just wanted to say your product has saved my life. I have been prescribed every sleeping pill in the book. Only to leave me irritable and feeling out of my head the next day and even more tired. My mom’s naturopath recommended this product to her a couple years ago and she shared it with me. I have been taking this since. Seriously, I can’t express how much this has helped me in my life. I can finally feel like myself and put 100% into my career and life. Thank you for your product!”

Leah W.

“ Natural Calm was an essential part of getting through pregnancy. Honestly a life saver.”

Candice M.

“ From completely curing my RLS that I suffered with for over 6 years, to helping me ‘calm’ before bed when I work nights, there are so many benefits to Natural Calm! You won’t know them until you try it. Dedicated user for over 3 years now. TY!”

Brenda H.

“Four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemo, radiation and Tamoxifen therapies were employed. However, there are side effects from the Tamoxifen drug, which I have been on for two years. I was experiencing very restless sleeping, being fatigued and in a great deal of muscle pain. After just two days of taking Natural Calm, I couldn’t believe I was in no pain. Sleeping very well and lots of energy. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was—feeling normal again. This product is beyond words for me! I don’t miss a day without taking it twice.”


“I was troubled with mood swings, irritability, crying spells, lots of tension and all the rest of the menopausal symptoms. The clerk at the health food store suggested I try your Natural Calm. Believe me, it has worked wonders! I’m feeling like my old self once again and I’m able to cope with the high stress that is involved in caretaking of an elderly parent. Thank you for this wonderful product. ”


“I am a 34-year-old wife and mother of three great kids. I have suffered for seven years with migraine headaches, chronic sinusitis and muscle aches. I have been a walking medicine cabinet (painkillers, antibiotics) for several years now. Recently, a relative suggested that I have my colon cleaned. Out of desperation to get my body healthier, I made an appointment. The doctor introduced me to your product on a trial basis. I feel like a new woman! Your product, Natural Calm, really put me over the edge as far as what I’d call a miracle! I have had no headaches or muscle aches in two weeks since I started taking your supplement. I notice a profound difference in my overall health from day to day. I was so impressed I called the nutritional consultant’s office and told them how great I felt! I am on my way to purchase more Natural Calm. Thank you so much for giving me my life back. My husband and kids thank you too!”


“My story is rather simple. I always had heart palpitations, dating back to my high school days. Over the years, I would always get them—sometimes they were quite bad. My MD did not know the cause. I had a battery of tests. The results yielded no new information. They weren’t life threatening but were very uncomfortable and really made my life difficult. I started taking Natural Calm. The palpitations were reduced immediately. I now no longer have episodes at all. My MD is happy for me and actually wasn’t surprised that magnesium made the difference. In addition, I really do feel calmer. I also realized that, as an active athlete, I probably needed more magnesium than most people. So Natural Calm is really what I needed.”


“My chiropractor recommended Natural Calm for menstrual symptoms. I cannot believe everyone does not use this product! I have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed since my last child was born two and a half years ago, and it’s been getting much worse in the last few months. I drank Natural Calm last night and could feel an immediate change. All the excess fluid left me, my back stopped hurting and I cannot remember the last time I have been this relaxed. For the first time in months, I woke up this morning not feeling tired and dreading the day ahead. Thank you for this product. It’s amazing.”


“A few years ago, I was having severe joint and muscular aches and pains where I had limited mobility in shoulder and knee joints and had to hold onto something to hobble out of bed, limping. I tried Natural Calm and in 24 hours I had great relief. Within 48 hours the symptoms completely disappeared. I took the daily dosage until the deficiency was handled and now I only take about a teaspoon a day and have not had recurring symptoms.”

Anne Fewel

“For years my legs would twitch at night and on occasion cramp despite taking both calcium and magnesium for over 15 years. The twitching would be so violent that it would shake the bed and wake up my wife. On occasion I would be awakened and the muscle convulsions in my legs would be strong enough to shake my whole body. A friend told me about Natural Calm. After a week the muscle twitches and convulsions stopped. I slept a lot better and woke up refreshed, like I actually had a good night’s sleep. I have also noticed my chiropractic adjustments holding well.”

John Z.

“I had a very difficult pregnancy and the midwife had me take Natural Calm to stop the contractions. Well, with a mixture of Natural Calm and rest, the baby not only made it to her due date, but was one week late! I am so grateful.”


“I have been suffering from chronic PMS migraines for years. Natural Calm has brought me great relief and helped with other PMS conditions as well.”

Sara D.

“I have been using Natural Calm for about 10 years. When I started taking it, I was suffering from backaches and visited a chiropractor every week. I haven’t had a backache in so long, I can’t remember when they stopped.”


“I tried your product Natural Calm for the first time the other day before going to bed. Honest to God, I slept 11 hours through! Wow! I hadn’t been able to do that for 11-12 years. In short, I found this product actually worked like nothing I’ve tried before. Thanks.”

Tom G.

“I’ve noticed an amazing difference. I have Fibromyalgia, and after starting to use Natural Calm I noticed an Immediate change in energy. I’m ironing clothes and I haven’t ironed in ages!”


“I get chronic headaches. The only thing that would relieve them was taking huge amounts of liquid minerals. I was told that I was taking too much calcium without enough magnesium. The Natural Calm handled the headaches right away. They stopped completely after starting my first dosage of Natural Calm.”

Rick H.

“Natural Calm has lowered my blood pressure from high 165/110 to Normal range (130/85) in 4 weeks after nobody else including doctors, specialists, and health professionals could help.”


“About 5 hours ago I took 1 teaspoon of it and had an incredibly good reaction. I felt so relaxed yet amazingly alert and clearheaded. I had been suffering from pretty tough stress at work, had the beginnings of elevated blood pressure, frequent headaches and was starting to get depressed. Just a short while after taking the product I felt so soothe and relieved that I had to write you and tell you. I have tried several different natural products for stress and depression including St. John’s Wort, Kava, and the amino acid GABA as well as numerous formulas that I picked up in health food stores but I never had such a strong positive reaction from one product. This stuff is great!”

Joe L.

“So many people have benefited from Natural Calm. Everybody has just wonderful results from it. Situation after situation where back problems go away and sleep problems are handled and depression clears away. I haven’t found anything like it! I’m very happy with it and so are all these other people. One guy who was in pain and on drugs for fibromyalgia is off drugs now.”

Susan Kippen (South Shore Natural Healing store)

“I have to tell you that the first night I slept a full 5 hours straight! Unbelievable for me, that hasn’t happened in YEARS! My husband actually said I was snoring at one point!! I am feeling good. I don’t get up with my hip aching and my fibromyalgia pain has lessened and I have only been taking Natural Calm for 4 days. Thank you SO much for giving me the samples and the encouragement.”


“I started taking Natural Calm on the 19th of October and to date, I am migraine free. I am a person that averaged 3 to 4 migraines per month. I know it is only been a short time but it has been a very long time that I have had a break from my headaches two months in a row.”

Kim Davis

“When I started to take the Natural Calm as directed, I made only one change. I stopped taking my calcium supplements. To my amazement, within one week….I started to notice a dramatic change and almost…IMMEDIATELY! The ‘charlie horses,’ disappeared! NO LEG CRAMPING! I slept throughout the night without the painstaking leg cramps waking me up and felt more refreshed upon awakening rather than feeling fatigued! The headaches became minimal and almost down to one a week, instead of several a day! The second week and third week only got better and I have been on it for a month now. The only change I made was to not take calcium supplements any longer but started taking Natural Calm. What a HUGE difference this has made!”

Irene Mielnik

“I’m 61 years old and my wife Joyce is 59. We have been on a strict vitamin regime for over 40 years and are in good health. However, my wife Joyce has never been able to rid herself of the “restless leg” syndrome that she has suffered most of her life; that is until now. Natural Calm has apparently allowed Joyce to sleep without the leg problem and so far, she has been free of it for almost a month now. I prepare a Natural Calm tea for her as well as myself one half hour before going to bed and it seems to work well. I also get a better sleep now. I will be getting the rest of my family to try it.”

Roger and Joyce Lambert

“I’m a twenty five year old female, and I’ve been using Natural Calm (lemon flavour! yum!) for the past few weeks. It has changed my life entirely. It was prescribed to me via my chiropractor. After years and years of traditional doctors prescribing hard drugs (anxiety medications and sleeping pills), I was still suffering heavily from nightmares. I never slept well. I was an insomniac. I was anxious constantly from lack of sleep. It had deeply affected my outlook on life and my ability to function in everyday activities. Natural Calm has completely altered my inability to sleep. I fall asleep, dream well, and wake up rested. I’m no longer anxious. I can’t even express how surprised I was, after years of being prescribed hard drugs by my trusted traditional doctors, that something so simple could be so life-changing. I can’t thank you enough. Natural Calm has changed my life for the better.”

R. Darling

“Thank you for such an excellent product. I don’t consume any dairy products and even though I take a multivitamin daily, my calcium intake was not sufficient to maintain good health. For a few months I was waking up in the night with excruciating cramps in my legs and feet. Sometimes I would be up for hours trying to work them out. I would cry, the pain was so bad. After a bit of research I learned that deficiencies in calcium and potassium could be a cause. A dear friend recommended natural calm. I started drinking it twice a day and I can honestly tell you that I have not had a cramp since. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Cathy Boynton

“I am a 42 year old and have had migraines and insomnia for years. With recommendations of a friend decided to try Natural Calm six months ago. Since then I fall asleep more easily and stay asleep and wake up refreshed. I am not as uptight or stressed as well. My migraines are less frequent and less severe. Finding this product has helped me in so many ways. I look forward to drinking my glass of natural calm each day because it has a great taste. Thanks so much for making an amazing product.”

Kerry Holt

“I have been using Natural Calm Magnesium Powder for approximately a year now. The main reasons I decided to try this product was to help with my elevated stress levels and sleep disturbances. I have a 20 year-old son who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and as you can imagine it can be very stressful at times. I take this product 1 hour before bed and, just the taste and smell of the lemon-raspberry relaxes me. I do feel that my sleep issues have improved. Yes, I would recommend this product. Thanks!!”

Darlene Remus

“I’m a 35 year old male, and once I hit 33 I began suffering from heart palpitations. Sometimes hundreds a day. Multiple visits to health specialists revealed it was nothing serious, but rather a common condition requiring no medication. Essentially an annoyance. To me, it was very uncomfortable and disrupted my life in a huge way. It’s very scary feeling your heart ‘skip’ a beat so often. It literally would take my breath away. I little over a year ago I happened to find an article on-line that mentioned Magnesium has been found to help this condition in some instances. I purchased your product (Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate), and within 2 weeks I stopped having palpitations. Completely! It’s now been over a year and I take a teaspoon morning and night. Truly life-changing and I would have never thought the solution would be so simple

Andy S.

“My husband and I have been using the Natural Calm Magnesium, Magnesium spray and Heavenly sleep. Love it all. I have been telling my family, friends, co workers, everyone how much these products have improved my life. For three years I battled with chronic pain, extreme fatigue, and depression and much more. My general health has dramatically improved. I no longer go to bed at six, I have more energy, my pain has decreased, my bowels work better, don’t feel depressed (actually was able to stop taking anti depressants).”


“I have been on Natural Calm for a year now and it has truly been a blessing. I will not go without it…I had so many different health issues that Calm has helped me to get through.”


“ love love love this stuff… helps me unwind before bed. I highly recommend this product to friends and family”


“Calm is a GREAT product! Helps with a number of ailments – restless leg, constipation – I’d give it *****”

Jane C.

“Natural Calm has rocked my world…right to sleep! I have posted before how this product has been a lifesaver but I’m posting again because I shared a bottle with one of the linemen on my construction team…he in turn passed it along to another worker and now I have two burly linemen who can’t wait for their Natural Calm at night to help them sleep like babies through the night in their not so comfortable hotel rooms while working away from home. Well done Natural Calm!”

Nicole R.

“I wanted to thank you for your awesome products .I have promoted your products to many family and friends who were sceptical. Once they were in so much pain and no pharmaceuticals were working. They finally gave magnesium a try. Knowing that I tried it and it worked for me they finally tried the product. They are amazed with the results. Buying more of your products.”

Michael L.

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