Why Magnesium is Your Holiday Lifesaver 

Easy Last-Minute Gifting 

Because over ⅓ of adult Canadians (and 50% of Americans!) are magnesium deficient, often without knowing it, the versatile supplement can truly be given to anyone! Magnesium is a great last-minute gift even for the most difficult family members, thanks to its numerous properties. From picky eaters to achy grandparents, Natural Calm has you and your family covered. 

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Magnesium can help us sleep, lift our moods (especially during these dark and long days around the winter solstice), and even fight those pesky winter headaches that we all know and despise. In general, it’s very helpful for pain relief, and anyone who struggles with that would be grateful to receive some magnesium this holiday. 

You can customize your gift even further by choosing from Natural Calm’s variety of magnesium types, with emphasis on treating different conditions. For the sleep-deprived new parents, or sleep deprived anyone, for that matter, we recommend Calmful Sleep, our natural and effective sleep aid. For active little ones, Natural Calm Kids offers all the same benefits you enjoy from regular Natural Calm magnesium, for your child.

For foodies, magnesium can also be made into lots of different, creative recipes including: Natural Calm Spiced Pear Cider, Vegan Cashew Eggnog, and White Chocolate Lemon Drops which the whole family can enjoy for a happy and healthy holiday season. Even more fun and magnesium-stuffed goodies can be found on the Natural Calm Blog.

New Year’s Resolutions

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Many people have New Year’s resolutions revolving around their health — becoming more active, eating healthy and fresh meals, starting a new sport, etc. Magnesium can be a great help in beginning to achieve these goals.

For aspiring athletes, some research suggests that magnesium could improve athletic performance, even in the elderly or those with chronic illness. If members of your family are already well acquainted with sports and regularly find themselves in pain, magnesium is also a great anti-inflammatory agent, and works both in edible and topical forms to treat athletic pain.

Not all of us are so sports-oriented, and that’s okay! Those who are seeking better sleep, self-care, and greater focus in the New Year are recognized and appreciated here as well. Magnesium has been shown to improve sleep by increasing GABA levels, and lowering cortisol levels. Many have said that they noticed a tangible improvement in the quality and quantity of their sleep after starting magnesium supplements. 

This stuff is a lifesaver. I was rattled from lack of sleep, forgetting a lot, and worried about my memory, and sleep aids left me groggy all day the next day. I’ve experienced none with this product and can’t imagine life without it now.”               

   – Kathy Krakenberg

As for focus, Calm Balance is a great solution to issues related to cognition and concentration. With vitamin C and l-theanine as well as magnesium, you’ll find yourself feeling sharper and more aware so you can really tune into that holiday “memory-making” mindset. 

Whether your resolutions and gifts are focused around improvement of the self from within, or improvement of the self through exercise and physical activity, Natural Calm has a solution for you. 



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