High Magnesium Needs: How Much Magnesium Is Enough?

High magnesium needs

In my last post, I explained how to determine your ideal magnesium intake. Some readers may have been surprised to learn that if we follow Dr. Dean’s advice, a 200-pound adult needs up to 800 mg of magnesium a day!

So what if you fall into the higher-magnesium-needs end of the spectrum? How can you possibly get that much magnesium into your day?

What Not to Do, and Why

To start, we don’t recommend you take multiple teaspoons of Natural Calm in one sitting. One teaspoon at a time, please, unless you are a seasoned Natural Calm user and you’ve calibrated your intake over time.

For the rest of you, know this: taking too much magnesium at one time can cause loose bowels. If you’re constipated, this is great news! If you’re prone to looser stools, don’t exacerbate the situation by giving your body more magnesium than it can handle at one time.

Your body needs time to process magnesium taken orally. There’s a built-in safety mechanism whereby excess is eliminated through the bowels (provided your kidneys are functioning). Smart body!

The Drip Feed Approach to Magnesium Therapy 

So, too much all at once is no good. Instead, we’d recommend you take several smaller doses of Natural Calm throughout the day.

For example, if you need 600+ mg of magnesium a day, and you aren’t getting much through diet, try this:

Don’t feel like heating up the kettle three times a day? No problem. Simply dissolve your entire day’s allotment of Natural Calm in a large bottle of water. Sip slowly throughout the day, making it last from morning to evening.

Topical Magnesium for a Quick Boost 

You can also quickly boost your levels with Natural Calm Magnesium Liquid or Magnesium Gel. These forms of topical or ‘transdermal’ magnesium are absorbed through the skin into cells without passing through the digestive tract. Think of it as cutting out the middle man.

If loose bowels are an issue for you, transdermal magnesium is ideal.

Topical magnesium is not only safe and gentle, it’s also highly effective. There is an estimated 60 mg of magnesium chloride in each millilitre of our Natural Calm Magnesium Spray.

How Much is Too Much? 

The body efficiently excretes magnesium about every 12 hours. The laxative effect is what’s known as a fail-safe mechanism – when there is too much magnesium at any one time, the bowels quickly eliminate the excess. For that reason, too much magnesium is infrequently a real problem.

Hypermagnesemia (too much magnesium in the blood) is very rare. The most common cause is renal (kidney) failure, and we’ve written about magnesium and the kidneys here. For more information on hypermagnesemia, you can check out this article: https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/246489-overview

Do you have questions on taking Natural Calm? Drop us a line here or on our Natural Calm Canada Facebook page.

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