Going into the New Year with Natural Calm

Starting a new year brings all kinds of things with it! Whether it’s readjusting to your non-holiday schedule or overcoming new challenges, we’ve all been there. Some people take this time to reflect on the past, present, and future or simply to enjoy this time with their family and friends. 

However, this time is coming to an end, and we need to start settling into our 2020 reality. This happens in different ways for different people, but however you choose to adjust, you can be sure there are others doing the same.

Getting back to Work & School

Going back to a regular schedule after weeks of office Christmas parties, other family events, and late nights is tough, no matter who you ask. We all know the feeling of lying in bed, late at night, wondering why your body just won’t let you fall asleep? It’s generally a common affliction, particularly following the holiday season when your body’s rhythm has been changed so much. 

Luckily, we have the perfect tool to help you make that transition easily. Calmful Sleep helps even the most restless to calmly and naturally drift to sleep without difficulty. Packed with magnesium, melatonin, GABA, and l-theanine, Calmful Sleep has all the necessary ingredients to bring you back to your week-day sleep schedule.

For some, sleep isn’t the biggest factor in returning to their everyday lives. The holiday season is a time when our food intake drastically changes — some consume more food than they’re used to, while some stop getting the nutrients they need to function at their best. It can be shocking and unpleasant to realize these things and to start changing your eating habits back to how they were before your mum’s stuffing came into play. 

The muscles in our digestive tracts, the ones that help our bodies deal with all those salty, sugary foods coming through our bodies during the holidays, are relaxed by the introduction of magnesium into them. It helps balance out the stomach acid, and moves the processes taking place within the system onwards. This way, you don’t feel bloated or constipated.

Sticking to your Resolutions

Resolutions are hard for some, and easier for others. It can take time to build up to them! The key to keeping them sustainable? Stay mindful. You wouldn’t want to become overwhelmed and burn out. 

Your course of action for your resolutions should be well thought out, so that you can follow through without losing touch with your inner self. This type of self reflection is only possible with enough sleep and the clarity of mind that comes from being well rested. 

“I am just getting back to work after a long forced 7 month holiday (burn out), and your product is still the best option I found to finally get a night of normal sleep. It has helped me to regain energy during my long recovery and make it through my day at work.” 

Natural Calm Customer

Given that magnesium can help with both clarity of thought and focus, and restful sleep, Natural Calm is sure to be a step in crushing your 2020 goals. 



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