Gifts For The Frequent Flyer

In this Gift Guide series, I’ve shared health-inspired gift ideas for The Naturalista, The Busy Mom, The Type-A, The Student and The Fitness Fanatic. I’ll wrap up this series today with a gift guide close to my own heart.

Linda and Dale quite a bit, for the business and for Organics 4 Orphans, and they know too-well the toll it can take on our health. Travel affects how you eat, sleep, your posture, circulation, hydration and digestion. Getting it back into sync is an art.

Even for the odd vacation, it helps to have a few accessories and travel essentials to ease the discomforts. Show you care by choosing from one of these thoughtful gifts.


Staying healthy on the road starts with how you eat. Make it easy for your loved ones to choose healthy food on-the-go. And I’m not talking Starbucks or Tim Hortons, where it is all-too-easy to get sugar-loaded, over-processed junk.

Freshii is the health-food powerhouse chain that is taking over the continent, and includes a location at Pearson International. Pick up a gift card at one of their many locations and gift your frequent flyer a better meal.

Au Bon Pain (a cafe) and Jamba Juice are two reliably healthy options that can be found in many US airports, and through a lot of the States. The great news is, if you’re buying for a Canadian who travels in the US a lot, you can actually order gift cards for either online.

Once you’re in-flight, all bets regarding healthy fare are off. It helps to come prepared. Consider putting together a gift basket of natural snack bars (look for ones without added sugar) naturally dried fruits, raw nuts and other health-store goodies.

And let’s not forget hydration. It’s nice to have your water filter with you on the road. Water bottles like these have a built-in filter, and this one is glass (with a protective silicone sleeve) – added bonus if you’re avoiding plastics!


For time zone changes, melatonin can definitely help. We produce less of this sleep hormone as we age, so younger travellers may bounce back more easily, while those of us in middle age and beyond need a little help. Our Heavenly Sleep melatonin is available with free shipping from the online store.

Few people realize we actually need magnesium to activate melatonin. For convenience, pick up Natural Calm travel packs (30 servings). They’re perfect for toting in a carry-on. Making a cup is as simple as asking for a cup of hot water, or adding Natural Calm to your water bottle.

Eye masks are indispensable, too. You can never count on getting a completely dark environment when you travel. Yes, you can often get sleep masks for free on the flight, but the quality is terrible. In fact, many sleep masks available at retailers are flimsy. An amazing gift would be a high-quality eye mask like this one.


Air travel means exposure to a ton of germs and radiation. Smart travellers boost their immunity through high-dose nutrition, like the kind you’ll find in our raw, organic SuperLeaf Moringa oleifera.

A good, but expensive option, is Garden of Life’s Primal Defense probiotic product. Cultivating healthy gut bacteria with probiotics can boost immunity.


Dressing for travel is an art. It’s all about breathability, layering and lots of circulation (no tight waistbands). And then there’s wrinkling.

If I were to choose an elegant gift for the lady traveler – and if price were no issue – I’d look no further than Eileen Fisher. The clothes are stunning, comfortable and better still, the company is coming out strong on social and environmental responsibility. However, the price tag is steep.

For a made-in-Canada option at a significantly lower cost, check out Frett Design apparel for men and women. Many of the looks are in washable, wrinkle-free, breathable linen knit. Ideal travel style!

I mentioned compression wear in my guide to shopping for the Fitness Fanatic. Compression wear has its place for travel, too. It keeps blood from pooling in the lower limbs and can prevent swelling. Look for compression stockings or leggings.


In the ‘sanity’ category, I’d recommend noise-cancelling headphones. Airplanes are loud! And too much noise is bad for your nervous system. (According to Dr. Dean, exposure to loud noise actually depletes magnesium.)

With noise cancelling headphones on and a high-quality eye-mask, your traveller is all set. Or are they? How about something to pipe through those headphones?

A membership to is a fabulous gift for the traveller. For about $20 per month, they’ll get a book credit each month and access to a vast selection of fiction and non-fiction. $20/book may sound a little pricey, but a single book can be 10, 20 or even 30 hours of entertainment! Audiobooks are a great alternative to in-flight movies, and perfect for those tedious stretches waiting in lines and airport lounges.

As you can see, I have quite a few opinions about travel comfort! What about you? Have you discovered the perfect gift for the frequent flyer? Let me know here in the comments or on our Facebook page


This wraps up our Gift Guide series. I hope you’ve found some inspiration and maybe a little relief from shopping stress.

Some families sidestep the stress by agreeing on donations instead of material gifts. This is a really beautiful expression of the spirit of the holidays.

It always takes one person to be brave and make the suggestion; to come out and say, “Hey, how do you feel about donations in lieu of gifts this year?”

Chances are, people will be grateful you raised the idea. Shopping is stressful for everyone and even when we’re on the receiving end, accepting gifts involves a kind of stress, too. We get anxious about whether our gift was equal. We feel embarrassed when the gift we got was off the mark.

So, if it’s all just feeling like too much – or too empty – remember, you can decide to make this year entirely different.


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