Gifts For The Fitness Fanatic

In this edition of the gift guide, we’ll cover off gifts for the fittest person in your life. Maybe they’re a runner, or a pilates pro; whatever the case may be, our fit friends have their own special health needs. They push their bodies harder, and to keep up that kind of pace they need some TLC.

Here are my best suggestions for the Fitness Fanatic in your life.


  • Muscle balms can be great; they create heat at the site of tension, distracting the body from pain, which can help the muscle to relax.
  • Natural Calm and our topical magnesium are the ultimate muscle relaxants. Without enough magnesium, calcium keeps the muscles and nerves in a state of tension – and people who exercise need more magnesium.
  • A gift certificate for massage or other therapeutic body work (osteopathy is getting very popular and can work wonders for injuries).
  • Compression socks or leggings! That’s right, compression garments are no longer just for the elderly. Athletes are using compression gear to improve circulation and recovery time. (It’s an added bonus that the super-firm fabric gives the illusion of a super-firm body.)
  • A timeless classic: a manual wooden back ‘massager’ or body roller. These feel so good!
  • The Vega Sport line includes a Recovery Accelerator product that helps replenish energy and reduce inflammation. We haven’t tried it, but the chocolate protein powder in the Vega Sport line tastes really good, which bodes well!


  • Traction cleats to slide over running shoes. Whether your Fitness Fanatic is running on icy trails or just navigating slippery parking lots en route to yoga, traction cleats are immensely helpful in the Canadian winter. Safety first!
  • Wireless earbuds are not exactly a health issue, but they may be a sanity-saver. Pair these with an iTunes gift certificate so they can stock up on tunes to keep moving;
  • All-natural deodorizing spray for gym bags and yoga mats. Look for chemical-free brands made with essential oils;
  • A BPA free water bottle, with or without a built-in filter;
  • A quick-dry hemp travel towel, like this one, because your Fitness Fanatic spends a lot of time wiping away perspiration.


  • For apparel with an environmental and socially-conscious appeal, check out this listing of The 14 Athletic Wear Companies That Are Actually Good For The World;
  • When it comes to pure style, I love this alternative to Lululemon for women. Titika Active Wear boasts designs that may be the coolest we’ve seen, and the company is Canadian.
  • For men you might consider ‘stink proof’ activewear, available in modern, flattering designs from Rhone.

It’s really hard (impossible?) to find cool performance apparel made sustainably. It seems you have to decide between style, performance, and your conscience. At best, you’ll find a brand that hits two of the three criteria. Are we wrong? If we’ve overlooked a brand that’s checking off all the key points, let us know and we’ll post the link here.

This wraps our Gift Guide for The Fitness Fanatic. Next up, we have gifts for the frequent flyer.


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