Gifts For The Busy Mom – Part 3

In the last two posts, I wrote about smart gifts for busy moms: services that she probably wants, but doesn’t buy for herself, and gifts of health that will keep her going strong.

Today, we’re talking about gifts that deliver emotional nourishment. Gifts that are valuable far beyond their price tag and show that you understand what matters to her most.

The truth is, no matter how much pressure she’s under, the busy mom wants to treasure these years. She realizes that her kids are growing up way too fast. And yet, sometimes she’s just too busy to capture the moments.

That’s where keepsakes come in. Keepsakes are really special gifts because often, they’re something we secretly want, but we either see as an indulgence, or we haven’t found the time to invest in ‘making’ yet.

Let’s start with photo keepsakes.

If she’s like most mothers, she probably takes at least one photo of her kids every single day – often far more. And she’s probably living with the constant guilt that she doesn’t print more pics or make an album.

This is where you can help. If you have access to her digital photos, you can gift her with something she’ll treasure forever.

One option is to choose some amazing frames – maybe a wall collage type frame – print out and frame her best family photos. Don’t underestimate the value of this gift! It’s all about the time required to sift through thousands of photos, pick the right ones, and put the project in motion.

If the framing sounds like a lot of work, then skip over this next option. Because this next option is a multi-evening project.

The way to dazzle her forever is to make a printed album of her photos, using an online album making service. You’ve seen them before. The glossy-paged, professional looking, hard-cover albums that are completely personalized. One album can contain many, many photos, and it’s something she’ll treasure forever. It’s also a bit of insurance in case she ever loses her digital files (something we all dread).

Note that making these albums can be a major time commitment. You should be decent with computers, have some design sense, and be able to spend several hours.

There are lots of ways to approach this project. You can create a yearbook retrospective of the past year, or several years. Or, you can create more of a themed book, for example focusing on a family vacation, kids sports, special holidays and birthdays.

What if you just don’t have that kind of time? Or you don’t have access to her full library of photos?

Think about getting one special photo printed on canvas. Canvas-printed photos can be beautiful pieces of art.

You can also have a photo reproduced as a hand-painted piece of art. Check out services like Instapainting, where you can upload a photo and select an artist to create a painted version. There are many other similar services, so shop around.

Like the idea of a family keepsake, but not sure you can pull of the photos thing?

You might look into keepsake ‘family’ jewellery. The idea is to get a pendant, a set of ‘charms’ or a ring that has the children’s names, initials, birthdates or birthstones incorporated. On I have even seen miniature portraits on pendants and charms. You can have these made by sending a photo of the children for the artist to reproduce and incorporate into the piece of jewellery. A gift like this can be really special! It doesn’t need to be heirloom-value, either. Silver keepsake jewellery can be very affordable.

What if you’re really short on time but like the idea of a keepsake? Find a local photographer and gift her with a family photo session. This is a last-minute gift that looks far from thoughtless.

On this heart-warming note, I’ll wrap up the Busy Mom series of gift guides. I hope you’ve enjoyed and found some inspiration.

Next up in the gift guide mega-series I’ll address another go-getter on many of our gift lists: The Type A. This is the man or woman in your life who lives under high pressure, and kind of loves it. We’re zeroing in on this character because Type As have special health needs, and nothing says ‘love’ like giving the gift of health.

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