Gifts For The Busy Mom – Part 2

In the last post, I covered off what may be the most coveted gifts for busy moms: services. These are gifts that make her life a little easier, and sometimes even a little more fun.

Today, I’ll be talking about gifts that help nourish the busy mom. These are gifts for healthy living.

Why? Well, it’s a matter of survival, really. There is never a good time to get sick or run down, but for parents staying healthy is imperative. Parents need to have boundless energy and superhero immunity. And yet, they have less time than ever for self-care.

The good news is, you can make staying healthy a little easier for the busy mom.


Let’s start with nutrition because, let’s face it, eating well is one of the first things to go. (If you’ve ever dined on kids’ discarded bread crusts, you know exactly what I mean.)

But eating on-the-go doesn’t have to mean eating junk. Get her a gift basket loaded with healthy snacks: think treats made with raw nuts, seeds, fruits and superfoods like dark chocolate.

Does she wish she ate more local and organic? Gift her with a subscription to a local “Community Shared Agriculture” arrangement. Local farmers will deliver weekly boxes of fresh, seasonal produce, for a flat subscription rate. This is a pricier gift, but it certainly makes life a lot easier – and healthier.

On the topic of making meals easier, look into ‘healthy family meal services’ or ‘healthy family meal subscription’ in her neighbourhood. Everywhere, in response to the go-go-go lives we lead, businesses are sprouting up to fill the gaps: they make family meals easier, either by offering healthy prepared meals or home delivery of all the ingredients you need, plus a recipe to make a complete meal. Ingenious!

But really, the best, easiest way to eat healthier is to get on the smoothie bandwagon. Would she use an all-in-one smoothie powder, or an immune-boosting supplement like our raw, organic Moringa superfood? Superfood powders make it so much easier to concoct a nutrient-dense liquid meal, without a thousand ingredients.

If you’re going to splurge, how about a good blender? You can get a NutriBullet for between about $80 and $180, depending on the model. It is truly a great machine for this price. Sure, the Vitamix or Blendtec may be the ultimate in smoothie technology, but the NutriBullet is the gateway blender.


Another major health issue for parents is sleep. Women carry a running deficit of sleep, from pregnancy to the empty nest. The busy mom needs to make the most of what time she has for shut eye, which is why we think she needs Natural Calm. It will help her sleep better, keep her cool and even address muscle or nerve pain. Best of all, magnesium is highly safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Are you inspired to give the gift of health? Then get on out there to your local health store, or shop our online store and get free shipping!

Alright, next up on the blog is the final installment of our gift guide for the harried mother in your life. I’ll be talking about how you can give a gift that will stand out from the rest; something she will treasure forever. Until then, happy gift hunting.

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