Get a Fresh Start on Health and Beauty this Spring

Spring has sprung!

It’s a time to unpack lighter clothes and come out of hibernation. And for some of us, it’s a time to think about health and, well, let’s admit it – beauty goals.

This isn’t Glamour magazine. We won’t detour into style or beauty treatments, but we’ll admit that beauty and health can be intertwined.

Our outer glow comes from inner well-being.

And how is your inner well-being doing this new spring day? Did you manage to invest in enough self-care over the winter? Or does that bright spring light make you want to duck for cover?

If you burned the candle at both ends this winter, you might be seeing the signs: more lines, duller skin and hair, extra pounds.

But before you make drastic plans to get svelte and polished for summer, do a reality check. Here are some mindset strategies that can help you set truly healthy goals.


I read a memorable quote on Facebook. It was from a women’s page – specifically for moms, and there was a picture of a post-partum torso. The text said: “Your body is not ruined. You are a tiger who earned her stripes.

There’s some real truth in that.

Before we get caught up in self-criticism, let’s take some pride in what the wear and tear says. Maybe your body shows evidence that you’re a survivor. Maybe your face shows the marks of joy.


In certain moods, in certain lights, we can get hung up on superficial signs that our bodies needs some TLC.

But instead of going down that rabbit hole, ask yourself, “Am I actually ok? Are these health issues, or just aesthetic issues?”

Sometimes skin, hair and body shape changes can be indicators of underlying health problems, but sometimes we’re just measuring ourselves against unrealistic standards.


If you decide that you really need to take action, sit with it for awhile. Don’t make dramatic plans immediately. Chances are, your first instinct will be to pursue a quick-fix. You’ll come up with a wonky diet plan, or sign up for a marathon (when you haven’t been running at all).

If you let the sense of emergency pass, you’ll likely come up with reasonable, long-term solutions.

This is not to endorse procrastination. Give yourself a set period of time to come up with your plan – say, 24 or 48 hours. Put a reminder into your calendar of the deadline. After that period has passed, commit to your new plan.


Sometimes the number of ‘should-dos’ is overwhelming!

I know that I should do more resistance training, push my cardio, go to bed earlier and cut out salt altogether. I would look better if I did.

But these are too many goals to take on at once. I need to triage.

What are the most important changes I can make? Which changes would have the biggest impact for the most reasonable amount of effort?

Cut back to just one or two, manageable goals with high impact. Totally doable.


So, tell me, are you a fresh start for spring type? Do you start setting health and beauty goals when the days get longer? Let me know in the comments here or on our Facebook page.

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