Every Purchase Of Natural Calm Helps Women Like Irene And Mary

Since 2005, I’ve seen Africa’s Mamas, as they are called, strive tirelessly to feed and care for their children, grandchildren, and the kids in need who turn up at their doors.

They’re called ‘Mamas’ because they are caregivers, whatever their age or stage in life. They take in orphans in astonishing numbers. Many of Africa’s 55 million orphans are under the informal care of these community pillars. The Mamas are my heroes.

The Mamas are my heroes.

Many of these women walk for miles to obtain water that you and I would not bathe in. They cook their main meal of ugali or white rice in one pot over an open fire that they build with wood they gathered and carried. They feed and shelter the children in the mud huts and shacks that they construct themselves, out of whatever they can find.

It’s wonderful to see the excitement in the eyes of these amazing women when they attend one of the Organics 4 Orphans workshops. So many have entrepreneurial gifts. When they learn about organic gardening, natural medicine, nutrition and income through agriculture, they light up with hope.

Irene, a 55-year-old woman who attended one of our workshops, after went back to her ¼ acre plot and dug 42 garden beds! This lady was raising 10 orphans, five of whom were her own grandchildren.

My husband Dale and I went to see her gardens, and they were magnificent. She is now able to feed her children everything they need to thrive.

Irene didn’t stop there, though. She took the next step and cultivated a surplus. What her family couldn’t eat, she sold locally, earning money to buy a mattress. It was the first time she’d slept on anything but burlap corn bags.

Another woman, Mary, attended our Organic Agricultural Training school in 2014. She was so excited to learn about green-leaf nutrition, green smoothies and medicinal herbs that she opened a successful small restaurant selling green smoothies, fresh vegetables, and her powdered greens. Mary came back to our seminar this past January to share her story with our students.

When we empower women like Irene and Mary, the impact is exponential. These women raise the standard of living in their homes and communities. The children in their care get a chance to reach their full potential.

Thank you again for supporting our Organics 4 Orphans’ work through your purchase of our products. It is making a real difference.

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