Don’t Stress: There’s a Natural Calm Promo on in April

Natural Calm Stress Away

It’s one of those years when Easter comes early…and you know what that means. No long weekend in April! How will we cope?

Enter the Natural Calm Stress Away Promotion! All month long, you can save and enjoy free gifts with the purchase of our highly-absorbable Natural Calm magnesium citrate.

We’re calling it the Stress Away event to raise awareness of the link between magnesium and stress.

Stress may be the most pervasive modern health condition – and it’s at the root of so many seemingly unrelated diseases and symptoms. That’s because chronic stress actually changes hormones and the very brain.

But just because stress is all-pervasive doesn’t mean we’re helpless.


Here’s Emily Dean, M.D. on the relationship between magnesium and stress.

“the generally accepted theory (is) that chronic stress leads to excess cortisol, which eventually damages the hippocampus of the brain, leading to impaired negative feedback and thus ongoing stress and depression and neurotoxicity badness. Murck(link is external) tells us that magnesium seems to act on many levels in the hormonal axis and regulation of the stress response. Magnesium can suppress the ability of the hippocampus to stimulate the ultimate release of stress hormone, it can reduce the release of ACTH (the hormone that tells your adrenal glands to get in gear and pump out that cortisol and adrenaline), and it can reduce the responsiveness of the adrenal glands to ACTH. In addition, magnesium can act at the blood brain barrier to prevent the entrance of stress hormones into the brain. All these reasons are why I call magnesium “the original chill pill.”(Psychology Today, June 12, 2011)

For more, check out the Magnesium and the Brain: the Original Chill Pill by Emily Dean (not to be confused with Dr. Carolyn Dean) via the link, below.


I know some of you are eager to learn more about the April savings and giveaways.

When you purchase an 8 oz. bottle of Natural Calm magnesium powder, you’ll receive*:

  • Retailer-specific discounts on your bottle of Natural Calm
  • A scratch and save coupon with up to $5 off the purchase of 4 oz. bottle of Natural Calm magnesium chloride spray
  • As a free GIFT, a soothing aromatherapy candle

*while supplies last

Find the full list of participating retailers HERE and Wave Goodbye to Stress!


We’re including this special deal on our topical magnesium chloride spray to raise awareness of the benefits of transdermal (‘through the skin’) magnesium therapy.

Some people find that they can’t take enough magnesium orally to meet their high needs. These include people with absorption issues in their gastrointestinal (GI) tract. They may take Natural Calm magnesium citrate powder, but they get the natural laxative effect before they get full relief from symptoms of deficiency.

In these cases, we recommend combining Natural Calm magnesium powder with topical application of Natural Calm magnesium chloride liquid. By spraying magnesium on the skin, they get fast-acting relief from symptoms of deficiency, while bypassing the GI tract.

It’s a really effective way to combat stress, tension, pain and more!

Our transdermal magnesium chloride is also great for children and people who just don’t like to drink their magnesium.

Here’s a blog post on using transdermal magnesium on wee ones, and the techniques can apply to anyone.

In a future post we’ll share even more on transdermal magnesium therapy. Look for it here.

In the meantime, share your stories about magnesium therapy. Are you among those who love transdermal therapy? Help others by sharing your tips.


Deans, Emily M.D. Magnesium and the Brain: the Original Chill Pill.

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