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Doctors recommend Natural Calm magnesium

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Have you ever visited our testimonials page? If you need reason to believe in Natural Calm, look no further. Depending on your interest, you can sort by symptom and learn what relief is available from the widespread conditions linked to magnesium deficiency.

It’s so gratifying to hear how people’s lives have been changed! (Their words, not ours.)

Interestingly, many of the best stories came about because a doctor, chiropractor or other health practitioner recommended Natural Calm. In one case, it was a midwife that gave the tip – with great results for mom and baby!

What’s key is, people often try Natural Calm because of the advice of someone they trust. Trust is key. And before we share the testimonials from medical practitioners and their patients, we’d like to remind you that your referral is always welcome. Here’s how you can help others discover Natural Calm and get relief from symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

  • Contact us to share your own testimonial. Write us at or drop us a line on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your story.
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And now, without further ado…


“I have never seen such a tremendous response to any nutritional product like I have with Natural Calm. My patients see immediate results with this product! I normally recommend Natural Calm to my patients to help alleviate their muscle tightness, reduce inflammation and help their adjustments hold better. I also use Applied Kinesiology to test them for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I find that probably nine out of ten patients need magnesium— not calcium. All they have heard all their lives is that everyone needs calcium. They have never heard the rest of the story. You must have the magnesium to balance out the calcium so that the calcium can be properly absorbed. They aren’t told that without the proper magnesium the calcium can actually cause problems with their bones rather than fix them. I have never been more pleased with results from any nutritional product I have used. I have urged many other chiropractors to begin using it in their practices. Everyone is pleased with the results and their patients, like mine, love it. Natural Calm is the best, most important recommendation I can give anyone.”

Dr. Chuck Olds
“I had great results from your product that I purchased from my chiropractor friend. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemo, radiation and Tamoxifen therapies were employed. However, there are side effects from the Tamoxifen drug, which I have been on for two years. I was experiencing very restless sleeping, being fatigued and in a great deal of muscle pain. After just two days of taking Natural Calm, I couldn’t believe I was in no pain. Sleeping very well and lots of energy. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was—feeling normal again. This product is beyond words for me! I don’t miss a day without taking it twice.”
P.S. (customer initials)
“I just purchased your product today from my chiropractor in New York City. I was attracted to your product because of the various symptoms it sought to help. About 5 hours ago I took 1 teaspoon of it and had an incredibly good reaction. I felt so relaxed yet amazingly alert and clearheaded. I had been suffering from pretty tough stress at work, had the beginnings of elevated blood pressure, frequent headaches and was starting to get depressed. Just a short while after taking the product I felt so soothe and relieved that I had to write you and tell you. I have tried several different natural products for stress and depression including St. John’s Wort, Kava, and the amino acid GABA as well as numerous formulas that I picked up in health food stores but I never had such a strong positive reaction from one product. This stuff is great!”
Joe L. (US customer of Natural Calm via our American partners, Natural Vitality)

“I’m a twenty five year old female, and I’ve been using Natural Calm (lemon flavour! yum!) for the past few weeks. It has changed my life entirely. It was prescribed to me via my chiropractor. After years and years of traditional doctors prescribing hard drugs (anxiety medications and sleeping pills), I was still suffering heavily from nightmares. I never slept well. I was an insomniac. I was anxious constantly from lack of sleep. It had deeply affected my outlook on life and my ability to function in everyday activities. Natural Calm has completely altered my inability to sleep. I fall asleep, dream well, and wake up rested. I’m no longer anxious. I can’t even express how surprised I was, after years of being prescribed hard drugs by my trusted traditional doctors, that something so simple could be so life-changing. I can’t thank you enough. Natural Calm has changed my life for the better.”
R. Darling

“I had a very difficult pregnancy and the midwife had me take Natural Calm to stop the contractions. Well, with a mixture of Natural Calm and rest, the baby not only made it to her due date, but was one week late! I am so grateful.”

“We are very excited about the wonderful results our patients are obtaining with the Natural Calm magnesium supplement. Chronic muscle spasms are resolving, muscle twitches subside quickly, and corrections last longer. Many patients have reported having improved bowel elimination, more restful sleep and increased energy during the day. It’s great having a product that is as easy for patients to use and provides noticeable results for the patients.”
Dr. Halverstadt

“I have been the treating Chiropractor at the Olympic Games, World Gymnastic Championships, European Cup track and Field Championships and countless other athletic events. Over the past 15 years I have tried hundreds of different nutritional products. When I first read about Natural Calm I was skeptical of its efficacy and the wide variety of problems it claimed to handle. I began putting my patients on Natural Calm at the beginning of the year and the success stories started rolling in . J.C. is 62 years old. She was suffering from daily hot flashes for over six years. Prior to coming under my care she had already tried Estrogen, Progestin, Pempro, Bellergal-S, Catapres T. T. s., Megace, Berllergal Black Cohosh and Paxil, all without success. After 8 days on Natural Calm the hot flashes completely stopped. V. M. is 39 years old. She started getting migraine headaches at the age of 17. For over twenty years they got worse and worse. She saw two chiropractors and six neurologists. She had three CAT scans and tried dozens of different medications. By the time she came into my office she had not been able to work for over 2 years. She had a migraine every single day and had to take morphine three times a day just to survive. After my examination I gave her some Natural Calm. The next day she did not have a migraine for the first time in almost two years! Over the next 60 days she had nine more migraines before they stopped completely after 22 trying years. A. H. is five years old and has autism. He only slept four to five hours a night. The lack of sleep exacerbated his problems and took a toll on his parents. On his second night on Natural Calm he slept for eight hours. He has been taking Natural Calm for the past three weeks and is now sleeping eight to nine hours a night. G. T. is 73 years old. In October 2000 she began having an irregular heart beat and palpitations. She saw her family medical doctor and then a cardiologist. They performed E KG’s, bloodwork and even 24-hour heart monitor test, but could not find the cause of her problem. The palpitations came every two hours and would last for up to 20 minutes at a time. They were worse when she laid down and became severe when she tried to lie on her left side. I saw G. T. for the first time in my office on April 20th, 2001. She told me none of the things her other doctors had tried had worked. She felt that she was going to die soon and had re-written her will, put all of her papers in order and asked the members of her church to pray for her. After my examination and treatment I gave her some Natural Calm. That night she slept great and did not have any palpitations. She has been taking the Natural Calm for 13 days and has only had one day where she had any palpitations or irregular heartbeats.”
David Pascal, D. C. P.S.

“My chiropractor recommended Natural Calm for menstrual symptoms. I cannot believe everyone does not use this product! I have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed since my last child was born two and a half years ago, and it’s been getting much worse in the last few months. I drank Natural Calm last night and could feel an immediate change. All the excess fluid left me, my back stopped hurting and I cannot remember the last time I have been this relaxed. For the first time in months, I woke up this morning not feeling tired and dreading the day ahead. Thank you for this product. It’s amazing.”

“I am a 34-year-old wife and mother of three great kids. I have suffered for seven years with migraine headaches, chronic sinusitis and muscle aches. I have been a walking medicine cabinet (painkillers, antibiotics) for several years now. Recently, a relative suggested that I have my colon cleaned. Out of desperation to get my body healthier, I made an appointment. The doctor introduced me to your product on a trial basis. I feel like a new woman! Your product, Natural Calm, really put me over the edge as far as what I’d call a miracle! I have had no headaches or muscle aches in two weeks since I started taking your supplement. I notice a profound difference in my overall health from day to day. I was so impressed I called the nutritional consultant’s office and told them how great I felt! I am on my way to purchase more Natural Calm. Thank you so much for giving me my life back. My husband and kids thank you too!”

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