Clear Your Way To A New Level Of Calm

Spring weather is finally here – for real! We couldn’t be happier.

It’s a time to let light into the dusty corners of our homes and lives, and to clear away what no longer serves us.

For some, ‘clutter’ is physical. As Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist says, “Clutter is a form of visual distraction, as everything in our vision subtly pulls at our attention. The less clutter, the less visual stress we experience. A minimalist home has a calming feel.”

William Morris, the artist and designer, famously said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” The same advice can apply to our inner sanctuaries.If we are holding onto beliefs and attitudes that are neither beautiful or useful, it may be time to let go.

This spring, ask yourself: “What are the distractions eroding my sense of calm?”

There are aspects of our lives that feel un-calm, but are here to stay: our jobs and our families, for example. It is possible, though, to keep calm in spite of the messiness of life.

Listen to the narrative running in your mind during times of stress. Are you telling yourself a story about what’s happening? What began as minor stress becomes charged with emotion when we add our (totally subjective) interpretation.

The thing is, these are just stories. There is nothing essentially true about our own narratives. You’ll discover this if you stop, breathe, and try on another story for size. For example, your kids are being difficult because they’re tired, but tomorrow will be better.

This spring, take note of your inner commentary. Decide whether these stories are beautiful or useful. If not, throw them away. Create new stories that nurture your calm.

We often hear from people who have anxiety. They write us to share their success with using Natural Calm. Magnesium helps regulate the hormones that exacerbate stress, and it soothes the nervous system.

While our minds have an amazing power to dial up or dial down stress, negativity and anxiety, our thoughts are often an extension of our physical well-being. Our minds are, after all, a node in the nervous system.

Give your body what it needs to support a calm mental state. Get enough magnesium!

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