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Natural Calm Article Submission Guidelines

**Please read these carefully before reaching out and be sure any submission meets all of these requirements.**

Are you a natural health expert or writer? Interested in getting published on our website?

Writing for the Natural Calm Canada website is an opportunity to share your expertise on natural solutions for calmful, healthy living.

We do accept high quality unpaid article submissions to our blog or Science section.

In return, we share contributed articles with our followers and we link back to contributors’ websites.

But first: let’s talk about fit. Is your article right for Natural Calm?

Please read our article guidelines before sending us a proposal.

Topics of Interest

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not publish articles endorsing or linking to other products (physical or digital) unless we personally use and love the product. Do not submit articles with links back to commercial websites unless you have our explicit agreement in advance.

We may publish your article if it relates to one of the following:

  • Healthy, magnesium-rich recipes
  • Recipes featuring Natural Calm products
  • Articles on sleep, stress/anxiety, mood, tension and pain-relief or other benefits of magnesium
  • Personal stories of your experience using Natural Calm
  • Stories from retailers who sell Natural Calm, profiling their store, why they carry Natural Calm or how it helps their customers
  • Case studies from natural health practitioners on using magnesium with patients (without reference to the brand, unless permitted by your governing body)

Need a topic? Contact us for ideas. We often have research-based topics that we’d like covered.


We look for articles that resonate with our core audience of Canadian women, largely aged 35+.

Some of our readers are also health professionals or retailers looking for more detailed or scientific information on Natural Calm products.

Basic Must-Haves

Before submitting, please explore the content on our blog and assess your own work. All articles must be:

  • Original. If your article has been published before elsewhere, let us know and please submit a revised version citing the original version, so we can link back. (We will always search for the article online before we publish.)
  • Interesting and useful. We always ask ourselves if an article will a) make a reader’s life easier or b) entertain the reader. If you’re sharing information, it should be useful and not easily found elsewhere.
  • Thoroughly explored. We aim to publish articles that go deeper into topics, covering the full range of questions a reader may have.
  • Properly cited. Please make sure any sources referenced or quoted are cited. You may use any academic referencing style as long as it’s consistent.
  • Edited. The article must be written at the level one would expect from a Canadian health magazine. We do not make substantial edits to articles and if your submission is not well written, we will have to decline it.
  • Positive. We publish content that makes people feel more confident, at ease and knowledgeable about things that help them live a healthy life. It’s ok to be critical, but always in the service of something noble.


Style, tone and language are very important. While we don’t expect perfection, here’s what we look for:

  • Standard Canadian English or French. If you can write naturally and clearly in either, go ahead and submit!
  • Natural, clear tone and style. This is so important, we’re repeating ourselves. Blog articles should be conversational and in the ‘first person’. Science section articles can be more formal, but should still be very clear.
  • Concise writing. At the same time, please say things as concisely as possible, while still providing rich information.
  • Great formatting. Online readers need subheadings and short paragraphs to navigate through an article. We’re looking for lots of “white space” on the page.

What to Send

If you are ready to submit an article, please note:

  • We would love your bio as well. Please write 3 – 4 sentences on who you are and what you do.
  • Don’t forget to include a link back to your own website. (Note that we reserve the right to not link back to websites if the content of your site isn’t aligned with our values. Ask us if you’re unsure!)
  • If you have original photography, send that too with any photo credits. We must know the source of your images and you are responsible for ensuring they are copyright free.

Ready? Submit your article to anna (at) Your submission will be reviewed by our team and we will respond at our earliest opportunity.

Thank you!