Why We Love to Give Away Samples

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Why We Love to Give Away Samples

Did you know that Natural Calm samples are available at retail locations across Canada? Find the store nearest you, and request a packet of our single-serving magnesium citrate powder, available in five flavours.  

We’re happy to send our retailers samples at any time; if they’re out of stock, they need only request more.

Why not try it yourself, or pick up a sample for a friend?  Many people see results after the first use in treating headaches, poor sleep, restless legs, muscle cramps, soreness, anxiety and more.  

If you’re a committed Natural Calm user, why not try a new flavour?  In addition to our natural, raspberry lemon, sweet lemon and orange flavours, we now have cherry too!  It’s a big hit, and as always, it’s sweetened with natural stevia.

The quality and efficacy of Natural Calm speaks for itself.  That’s why we’re committed to extensive sampling and giveaways.

Anna Bolton O'Byrne

Anna Bolton O'Byrne writes content and runs digital marketing for Natural Calm Canada. If you have questions or are interested in collaborating, email Anna at social@naturalcalm.ca.